Crossroads at Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain

Faith is not debatable. At the end of every discussion on whose god is real, it all boils down to who you would believe in at the time that you were going through hell. I may have had experienced these tribulations early in life and I’m proud to say I dealt with it, my faith intact.

So why this talk all of a sudden? During the time when my soul sank deep, I recall seeking refuge in silence, tranquility, and lots of oil pastel. A good friend told me that she knows a place I can indulge in these emotional masochistic pleasures. She told me to bag my paraphernalia.

I was actually expecting that she’d take me to another bar and we’ll drink our lives wasted away. When she instructed me well to bring comfortable clothes, I knew it wasn’t Mayrics or Freedom.

We rode the FX to Cogeo and alighted at the Sta. Lucia Mall. After that, we rode a patok that brought us all the way to the location.

The sign on the gates read Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain — the confusion on why I was there read: my friend thinks I’m desperate. But since I was already a heartbeat away, I thought what the heck, why not give this a chance?

We paid a small fee to access the place. My friend said that this is to help maintain the place and I am well and fine with that. The place looks well taken care of, really.

I can recollect passing by a narrow corridor and there were slippers and shoes just by the door. My friend called the rooms “Wailing Cells“. She said that was where people pray and let out all their burdens. Believe me when I say that the air was heavy and the melancholy, all too real. Blame the Akashic record or the Earth’s infinite tally but I could clearly remember how immense the sadness of the location was. It was…well, dejected beyond compare.



My friend had to drag me away from the place as it was slowly eating up on me. She brought me to the garden where she suggested to let whatever feelings I have, out on my drawing book. She told me to let my CrayPas liberate me (haha). She took still framed memories of the garden as I did this.


Not long, I remembered sharing a satisfying conversation with her on what plans do we have for the future. Funny recalling all of this. It has been 8 years and we’re no longer the same person. The crossroads that we then look forward to has been decided upon and we probably made the mistakes we then feared about and redeemed ourselves not only once but several times.

We took obligatory “selfies” before the word was even coined out. It was a hot afternoon and we took advantage of the high-contrasted sun and grass.

prayer mountain 1

Going home was piercing. There was something about that place that would make you want to stay and forget about the road ahead. I can barely remember the ride home. It may be because this was too long ago or that my heart never went home.

prayer mountain 2

How to Get There:

** from Cubao, ride an FX heading to Cogeo. Get off at Sta. Lucia Mall
Fare: 35 Php
*** from Sta. lucia ride the jeep to Paenan
Fare: 21 Php

Rates (This may not be that accurate as it has been such a long time. However, I am confident in saying that the difference of the rates would not be as much) :

70 Php Day Pass
150 Php Overnight (Attic)
250 Php Overnight (Dorm)

***The place is located at Sitio Calumpang Brgy. San Jose Antipolo City. If you have inquiries, feel free to email them at or drop by their Facebook page

***To Mia, with all my love 🙂 Cheers!


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