Ace Water Spa x Metrodeal Offer – The Deal is Real!

The Deal:

Overnight Accommodation in a  Deluxe Room, Ace Water Spa Tickets for 2, Delectable Buffet Breakfast for 2 Plus! Welcome Treat for P4550 instead of P6500

 Inclusions in a nutshell:

♫ Overnight Stay for 2 adults

♫ Buffet Breakfast

♫ Ace Water Spa Tickets for 2

♫ Bottle of Wine

♫ Fresh Plate of Fruits


Let’s start right to business, shall we?

I bet the first question that would come to your mind is if what you have paid for is indeed discounted. The answer is a big YES!
 If you are to book the same package via the Ace Hotel and Suites website, you’ll get this breakdown:

Now, if you choose to simply walk-in the premise and get a room (just because you’re that awesome ♥), the rates are below.

Please note that, as of the moment, there are no reservation packages available for walk-in guests as stated on their promotional booklet. So to make everything fair in comparison to the Metrodeal voucher, we’ll add the amount for the same perks bundled with the voucher:


Deluxe Queen                                 = 4200.00 ++ Php (inclusive dates June – October 18, 2013)

Buffet Breakfast                              = 350.00 Php each = 700.00 Php for 2

Ace Water Spa Tickets (max 4 hrs) = 550.00 Php each = 1100 Php for 2


TOTAL                                          = 6000 Php ++ (*++ taxes and fees)

Clearly, the DEAL is REAL! However, Metrodeal claims to give you a 30% discount over it but in reality you get about a 13% price off when you book online while around 24% when you do a walk-in.


The thing that’s most commendable about Ace Hotel and Suites is the warmth of the place. Nope, I am not referring to the temperature, of course but the PEOPLE! The staff are really hospitable and welcoming. The people there are just so generous in throwing a smile your way no matter how you look! My partner and I came in wearing ragged shorts, shirt, and rubber slippers– which is typically the outfit that would immediately trigger the discriminating gene in everyone. I guess we wanted to put the place to test (…and, yeah, we’re on vacation. We need not impress the world!) and THEY PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS! We were treated the same way as the socialistas right in front of us!

The check-in process was sweet and swift: signed some documents, provided the voucher, few verifications, and the next thing we know we were already handed the magnetic card and provided the WiFi password and we’re on our way to our room!

Oh and in case you were not able to notice it, stated in the voucher is that you would have to provide a Security Deposit in the amount of 2000.00 Php refundable upon check-out.  We understand the whole point of it that’s why we willingly obliged.

As soon as we got to our room, I was robbed off of oxygen: it was that AWESOME! Exaggeration aside, the room was perfect. We got the corner room at the 12th floor and I honestly don’t know if that was the reason why the room was sooo spacious. The place was comfortable and squeaky-clean. Heck, there wasn’t even a stench of anything! Just pure, neutral cleanliness.


Being the getaway voucher shopper that I am, I immediately checked the bathroom–this is usually every hotels’ Achilles’ heel. Boy, oh boy, was it fantastic! The sink was adorned by toiletries ranging from toothbrushes, shower cap, Q-tips, etc.; the toilet bowl didn’t have any dents on it, and the shower is separated by a glass partition so as not to get water all over the place. No bath tub–which is perfectly understandable since you’ll get enough soaking in the water to last you a lifetime in the water spa.

The room also has a study area with a table and some notepads for your consumption and it has a brochure plus calling cards of the establishment for future references. This was my haven, the workaholic person that I am.
Cable TV, cozy lighting, a working fridge, fluffy pillows and comforter, heavenly bed, security vault, it’s all there! The medium bottle of complimentary wine (Terra Vega Cabernet Sauvignon 2011) was sitting by the counter with a nice welcome note. We even almost forgot about the Fresh Fruits when someone rang our doorbell and delivered it to us, asking if there’s anything else we needed. Hmm…what else could we be missing? Coffee? Nah. There were also free coffee, bottled water,  and tea with sugar on the table plus an electronic water heater.

And yeah, there is a small–no–quaint dining table near the mirror just in case you decided to have room service (foolish if you ask me. The hotel cafe, bar, and dining places are the location to be!).

Negative Points:

Very minor things:

↓ The air conditioning system takes time to cool. But once it’s up and running and has settled in your ideal temperature, all is well.

 ↓ Same goes with the fridge. My suggestion, as soon as you enter the room, turn on the fridge to High and stash the wine bottle and all your perishables in. Avoid opening it frequently!

Now off to the WATER SPA…

Here is my main advice: DO NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH.

Nope, I am not saying the water spa is ugly. Definitely not. In fact, it was pleasing! But with all the photos of Ace Water Spa online, you might just be mislead. One thing is, you are not allowed to bring in a camera within the spa premise and that actually justifies why on the world wide web, the location photos are paradise: they’re taken by the promotional management of Ace Water Spa! No advertisement photo is ugly, dear.

Although the spa grounds aren’t as big as everyone might have expected, I must say it was totally packed with sheer, pure, relaxing bliss! They have 4 herbal jacuzzi with different aromas and temperature, how fantastic is that?! They also have a sauna and steam room plus an icy cold water dip which you can use to cool yourself from the steam.

Personal recommendation:

★ If you are  a pro-sauna goer, try the 40 degree-Celsius Jacuzzi. Aside from it bursts with the lavender scent, it can calm your nerves and ease your joints. It’s piercing hot the first time you submerge so do it slowly. Take your time. And right after 5-10 minutes, get up and have a quick dip in the icy cold pool. HEAVEN. ♥

★ Do not — I repeat — DO NOT SPIT on the sauna vent. PLEASE. We saw a guy did that and I was at the edge of my patience trying so hard not to punch him in the face. Mutual respect is something I can never emphasize enough.


It is a must that you try everything within the water spa. Aside from making every cent worth it, the facilities are really therapeutic. Among my favorites are the Rainfall Acupuncture, Buttocks Massager Waist Jet Massager, the Bubble Bed, and this HUUUGE falls that doesn’t have a name on it but we have decided to baptize as the “Thousand Fist” just because it feels like that…well…in a good way.

My back was relieved, my hips were finally alleviated from the pressure, my legs were eased from the pain. 4 hours is more than enough inside the Water Spa. It was everything I could ask for…yeah…plus time really crawls inside the spa. Believe me.

 Points to remember:

★ If you are hypertensive and have any form of claustrophobia, I would suggest you seek professional advice first. It is very easy for people to feel some sort of discomfort since some water pressure can be too much to handle. Temperature might also be an issue.

★ Wear proper bathing attire. All spandex! If you are not comfortable exposing certain parts of your body, wear a rashguard 🙂 You can also rent swimwear.
★ If you are staying in the hotel, do not bring your towels since they’re not allowed inside the spa premises.

★ Avoid eating before going to the spa.

★ Please do not urinate on the spa pool. This is very basic.

★ Minimize your noise. Remember this is a spa after all.


Breakfast is glorious. Buffet starts from 6 AM and ends at 10 AM. I suggest you come in early to maximize what this buffet has to offer. The dishes range from your traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon, fried rice, bread, jam, and butter, to the exotic: jellyfish, seaweeds, kimchi, etc. They also have Ramen and Champorado. If you opt to be all natural, go for the fruit section. If you have this egg-obsession, they have an egg station where you can turn absolutely anything to omelette!

This is actually why I was wondering what kind of breakfast that one review site had here at Ace Hotel and Suites since I had a blast eating breakfast! And to add, the sweets are to die for!



* That one missed star is not directed towards Ace Hotel and Suites. It’s for for the misleading advertisement of 30% discount on the package.

* The whole package was more than enough. Worth every single centavo I paid for! I admit to thinking that Ace Hotel and Suites were leaning towards revenue loss that’s why they resorted to this marketing strategy. However, seeing the number of people lined up for the Water Spa, plus the number of guests dining with us, I knew I was wrong.
* Bring your own shampoo. This is a common hotel problem. Nothing new. If you do not want your hair frizzy, bring your own brand.

* Allot a good hour or 2 to go to the Sky High Bar. Their cocktails rock big time!

* Do not bring young children. Sure they have a mini pool for kids but that would not really appease your tots to stay a full 4 hours or long enough for that relaxation hormones kick in your system.

* I can never ever give justice to how excellent their staff is. Ace Hotel and Suites, as well as Ace Water Spa (Pasig) have the friendliest, loving roster you could ever imagine. I felt right at home.

* I guess the one-missed star can refer to the location of the establishment, as well. Spa in a busy area is not really ideal. Imagine Pasig. Imagine pollution. But hey, once you’re in, it’s a whole new world!

* If you are looking for a nearby paradise for some R & R, this is the place to be. You have got to love Ace Hotel and Suites. I am definitely going back!

Hope you enjoy your stay! Happy vacation!


8 thoughts on “Ace Water Spa x Metrodeal Offer – The Deal is Real!

  1. anewfoodblog says:

    Great review!! I’m always a bit hesitant with Metrodeal because of previous bad experiences but this one looks legit enough! 😉


  2. Zhel says:

    Very good review 😊👍🏼. We have been at ace many times without the kids, but now they like to go since paulit-ulit na nakikita ang tv ads ng ace sa kids tv channel, nakikita ang fun activities at ace, pero hesitant ako kasi I know hindi naman nila mae-enjoy lahat ng facilities. Well now, since you also mentioned it, (i read it out loud so they will hear someone said it too-you know, smart kids today, haha!!, baka sabihin nagdadahilan lang ako) we have to look for a more suitable swim & fun place for my babies. 😊 thank u.


    • Hi! Thanks for dropping by!

      I’m glad that this blog entry helped you decide. I would honestly say that the place is good for adults and teens, however not too much for the young ones. May maliit na pool for the kids with a playground and the like pero shempre if you’re looking for a holistic fun time with the kiddos, there are a lot of places to go to 😀 May I suggest Fun Ranch? 🙂 No pools but equally fun!


  3. This blog is very helpful! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It’ll be my first time to visit this spa and I’m convinced enough to check out the place and grab the deal. My only whereabout is my check in time at the hotel, which will be at 12AM on March 21st. I haven’t check the T&C’s for the voucher yet, and I wonder if they have a cut -off period for accepting vouchers to check -in the hotel.

    Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


    • Hi There! Usually the check in time at Ace Hotel and Suites is set at 2 PM. You would have to call 1 week in advance to have your room reserved just to ensure that you have a place. Just bring your voucher with you (printed) and have it presented at the time of check in 😀 Just don’t forget to bring 2000 pesos for deposit which is refundable upon check out ^__^

      I hope you enjoy your stay!


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