Systems of Irrigations – Lucban, Quezon

While everyone is celebrating the Pahiyas Festival, clamoring over the street performances, Kiping-adorned houses, and the neverending flow of food and Lambanog, a huge Octopus guarded one of Lucban’s intangible treasures…presenting the gallery set up by the Lucban Assembly, Systems of Irrigations.

***If you want to view the pieces of art in actuality, you can visitΒ Project Space Pilipinas, Eleazar St., Lucban Quezon. They also have a Facebook Page for the Exhibit. TheΒ Lucban Assembly CommunityΒ hosts workshops, forums, and exhibits aiming to mirror and develop the working conditions of communities in Southern Luzon.

***My sincerest apologies if these photos are not enough to do these works of art justice. I still have not yet saved up for a quality camera 😦 Nevertheless, from the bottom of my heart, you wowed me with these paintings and advocacy. ❀ 


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