Sining Saysay – History As Told Through Art

For the longest time that I am a Cubao resident, I never had the chance to visit the Gateway Gallery at the 5th floor of the Gateway Mall. All I knew was there is a gallery there somewhere and lately, I have been seeing banners of its new exhibit, “Sining Saysay”.

May 17 and 18 marks the International Museum Day and a lot of museums nationwide have opened their doors for the viewing public. We chose Gateway Gallery because nothing beats celebrating this event with a Museum at your hometown. Love your own, so they say.

The moment we got to the place, the first thing my partner and I noticed was how well-maintained the place is. There was an air of courteous silence with individuals looking at the artworks intently. They were sincerely observingΒ the pieces, reading the description, and watching the commentary airing on a medium-sized, flat-screen television hanging on the wall.

I made my way through every canvas, at first, honestly not understanding how they are different from the paintings I came across with before. Please don’t get me wrong. I was never an art critic and I am a strong advocate of the fact that art is art no matter how you manifest it.

Then it hit me: This was not art that leaves more to the imagination for interpretation. The paintings are of a story of a country aspiring freedom and independent governance. The artists who crafted their masterpieces for this exhibit are showing those who chose to look that there is more to just our story of independence.

I still cannot decode the significance of the wrongly written letter

I still cannot decode the significance of the wrongly written letter “O” and “P” Or is it just me….

“The journey of the nation continues as it seeks lasting peace, continued prosperity, and unity as a people.”

Looking at the huge canvases I was able to validate my identity as a Filipino, as one who upholds culture and the arts more than anything else. We have our history, yes, but it is always told through the eyes of an artist. Think about it.

***This blog is not sponsored by Gateway Wall nor Araneta Center Cubao.Β 


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