Abra Miki ni Nanay: Soup and Chicharon for the Soul

The thing about Kim and I is that we’re always hungry. This is not just regular food hungry, people. Don’t judge by how much we’ve grown bigger! LOL

We’re hungry for new places to go to and new dishes to try. The latest we’ve discovered is this quaint shack in K-J St. near Kamias Road and Kalayaan Ave. intersection. It’s called Abra Miki ni Nanay.


I’m so used to passing this route whenever I’m off to hangout in Maginhawa but I never really noticed the place. All I knew is that along the area it’s located are many turo-turo that serve good isaw 🙂

We noticed the place because of it’s wooden signage that says “Abra Miki ni Nanay” and plastic tables and chairs outside. People were happily chattering and eating on a bowl. We thought, “Hey, let’s see what the buzzing is all about!”

As soon as we walked in, we noticed framed photos of the Northern Region of the Philippines. Of course, I was delighted because I’m a proud Ilokano! There were salakots, abaniko, and chicharon within eyesight as well. I had that feeling that I was up for a feast.





We ordered Super Special Miki and Chicha Boy Puro Big plus 1.5 Coke to wash it all down. After we wolfed on this, we decided to order another round. You simply can’t get enough!


The Miki tastes awesome. There’s something about the soup that when you infused it with chili sauce, you can never have enough of. We were just a little bit disappointed about the noodles because it was all stuck together. Aside from that it was good. The chicharon was to die for!

Will I go back to this place? Of course! I am a very lucky person to live less than 500m away from this place!

How to go to Abra Miki ni Nanay:

1. From E.Rodriguez, ride a jeep to Project 2 & 3.
2. Alight at Kalayaan Ave. and Kamias Intersection. Landmark would be David’s Salon and Angel’s Burger.
3. Walk along K-J street past Angel’s Burger and the carinderias until you see Abra Miki ni Nanay.

***Abra Miki ni Nanay is located at #28 K-J Street Kamias Quezon City, Philippines. You can also visit their Facebook Page for more information


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