Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe: Every Dog Lover’s Paradise

It is no secret that I am borderline crazy dog-lady. Our compound houses 12 dogs. My partner has 6. There was never a day I got tired of them.

This is the reason why when I found out about Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe, I was itching desperately to go. I had the chance to finally visit them last May 21st. I was having the worst day of my life and believed that only dogs can make me feel better (crazy dog-lady moment alert).


We arrived around 2 in the afternoon and had no problems finding the place. It is not situated on the main road. However, according to Google Maps, at the corner street you can find Shakey’s, so that’s where we alighted.

The place is smaller than what I expected but the good thing about this is that they prioritized the space allotted for the Dog Zone. The area is bigger, with good ventilation, and a set-up that would allow you to mingle with the furry friends if you want to and sit on the bench should you wish to rest first.


” I will not let you go hooman. You’re mine and I will sleep on you.” – Psyche


Fiona (their resident Chinese Shar-pei) greeted us as soon as we came in. She got into a fiasco trying to keep up with Kim while he’s changing slippers and preparing to enter the Dog Zone. She wanted to smell his pants. It reeks of our house dogs. LOL.


I was a little bit hesitant to grab any pup as soon as I came in. I didn’t want to be aggressive towards the dogs as it can ruin their mood and balance. So I waited for someone to approach me and not long enough Ella (an adorable, fiesty Chiweenie) asked me to play with her.


Well, I knightedย Ella as their mini-supervisor. She goes around a lot and makes sure everyone is ok. Here’s Ella with another group of guests she “checked”ย and visited:

She asked them to carry her. Ella soon fell asleep on her arms.

She asked them to carry her. Ella soon fell asleep on her arms.

Not long,ย everyone was in a ruckus. They were playing with Kim. Unbelievable. The Golden Retrievers, Finn and Marley, wanted to have a hug and rub from Kim that they were on our area with arms enveloped on my partner.




What I like about the setup is that the fur babies are there on a shifting schedule to avoid too much stress. Martha (the overly playful and sweet Irish Setter) came in later and caused a racket onto every resident dog. She was chasing Ella, so everyone was encouraged to do so. We were lucky (hahaha i feel privileged) to get caught in the middle of their riot!


Let me tell you all about Smile…Smile is a Pug that I really wanted to hug. Since my babies are mostly French Bulldogs, I have an affinity over stubbed nosed doggies. However, Smile was busy sleeping in the arms of one of the guests.


All I could do was take a photo of them. I finally had my chance as we were leaving. We were eating our meal and Smile came out, preparing to go home. I asked the owner if I can go in again and take a photo and she kindly said YES!!! Here’s our lovely memory in still frame:


11358900_10206332193764676_2049005986_n On to the food. We ordered FINNe Pasta and it rocks! The serving is just right for the amount that you pay because they also give you a hefty chunk of garlic bread to eat with that. I also think it’s clever that they incorporated the names of their lovable resident furries on every dish’s name. 11358742_10206332194884704_1450899729_n I ADORE THE PUPCAKES! Aside from they were modeled after the resident dogs, they tasted just right. They’re not overlyย sweet. It’s just such a shame to eat them since they were well crafted.


11281889_10206332195404717_405893051_n The drinks were also fine. They’re average coffee blends but I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you. You’re there for the fur babies!!! I will be visiting again and that’s a solid promise!!!

How to go to Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe:

1. From Aurora Blvd. ride any jeep to Marikina.

2. Disembark at Katipunan crossing or even Katipunan LRT station, right before the jeepney crosses to the other side.

3. Walk left, until you reach the first street. Ride the trike and tell them you’re going to Rosa Alvero St. or to Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe.

On a side note:

I love how they put up a sign that all dogs are vaccinated and are taken care of a specific Veterinary Clinic. My partner is a VetMed student and we both know that this is responsible pet ownership!

Also, please don’t bring your furkids here. They don’t allow outsiders for a very good reason. Barkin’ Blends is not being selfish. Remember how every dog rely on their pack? It’s kind of the same thing. If you bring an “outsider”, they would need much time to adjust and fights cannot be avoided in between. This is also to secure the resident dogs from probable diseases. They’re not saying your dogs are sick and not well-maintained. They just need to ensure the dogs’ safety like how you would as a fur momma or poppa ๐Ÿ˜€ 11304100_10206332223365416_2116350314_n


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