Cookie Mug: Milk and Cookies

I am not really a fan of milk. It makes my stomach turn bananas.

This is why I was wondering why my partner and I ended up at this cafe. Cookie Mug features milk, chocolate, and caramel drinks poured and consumed in a mug that’s made of cookies.


Aha! Now I remember. That, over there is the reason we wandered all the way to Marikina! o(^^o)(o^^)o

A lot of bloggers have been posting about the place so I thought, hey, why not come for a visit? We rode the FX from Aurora all the way to the now famous Lilac St. and asked around where can we find the place. The locals lead us to the establishment next to the bridge.

It was a scorching day and we badly needed a hangout spot that can give us that cool comfort. I was skeptic about the whole set up because since it’s near the bridge, the stench of the water might be all over the place! We were proved wrong. Once we arrived and went inside the cafe, it was heaven. The smell of coffee and sweets overwhelmed us and the air condition was so good that the sound of the motor vehicles outside were cancelled out.


There were framed posters on the wall and at the counter you can see their menus meticulously chalked out. What really caught my attention was the number of cookie cups in the showcase. I had a very hard time deciding which size I wanted since all of them looked absolutely never enough! They looked yummy!




I decided to go for the 2nd to the biggest cookie mug with caramel milk while my partner ordered the Espresso Sundae or their very own version of affogato.

The caramel milk was rich. It has this tinge of sugary sweetness of glazed sugar which is great–definitely not an overkill. Imagine pouring it over on your cookie mug! HEAVENLY!

The Espresso Sundae may not have gelato on it but the vanilla ice cream is equally tasty. The espresso shot was deep and dark –like what every good espressos should be. It was thick, made thicker by the ice cream. The contradicting taste of bitter and sweet is a treat to the taste buds!


It was nice hanging out on this place. Aside from it’s situated on the second floor, which makes the place inviting and bright, and not crammed up, it’s just a few steps from the FX route if you’re a commuter. The staff is friendly as well 🙂


If you have not visited this place yet, you’re missing out!

How to go to Cookie Mug:

1. Ride the FX SSS Village on Gateway Cubao – 35.00 Php

2. Ask the driver to drop you off at Lilac St. Once you have alighted, walk towards the bridge heading to Antipolo. You’ll see a small building. Cookie Mug is on the 2nd Floor. ❤


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