TGI Fridays: Of Reunions and Perks of a Bella

RA and Jenny were 2 of my closest college buddies. We’ve been through a lot then. It was a combination of the worst professors, family tragedies, the case of bad ex-boyfriends…almost every darn component that can launch a youth-oriented program either on Channel 2 or 7!

Fast forward 8 years, we decided to meet up and we were different in a way that we’re no longer caught up with the little things, and so much the same because the humor, the way we are to each other, is still the same. RA has already passed the BAR exams while Jenny is happily married and living in Isabela.


After our coffee shop chat, we decided to eat dinner at TGI Fridays in Eastwood. We were even joking that this was one hell of an upgrade since we were used to eating along Mendiola and Quiapo eateries back in the day. I mentioned that I have this voucher from the planner I ritually buy every year and they were ecstatic since the deal was for every 1,500 Php purchase, it was 500 Php off. That’s one dish taken out!



We took obligatory selfies, aiming for something we cannot disclose openly here but has something to do with a sort of vendetta (LOL), and then delved into finding a good meal to chow down. For starters, we ordered the Calypso Calamari Salad for 495 Php. Expensive for a salad? Definitely not! Aside from the vegetables are all crisp and fresh (considering the time, we were there 9 PM), the zing of the cilantro-lime dressing is a fresh take over the calamari.


Jenny was craving for the Seafood Platter so we ordered that one as well. For the price of 975 Php, it was a lot! We were not able to finish the whole dish despite how hungry we were from our chikahan. 

And why go to Friday’s without trying out their burger? I know all too well that TGI Fridays burgers are simply to die for. Whether death by its scrumptious taste or overeating, it’s for you to find out. The servings are more than generous and the meat is pure, unadulterated, chunk of heaven. So we humbled ourselves over the Fridays Cheeseburger Sliders (495 Php). The meal is made up of 4 mini-burgers made up of char-grilled patties and caramelized onions. Disappointment was never an issue with this. Delicious!


We washed it down with our refillable glass of iced-tea and more reminiscing. When our bill came, it was surprisingly within expectation. No qualms about this one as we were deeply satisfied and we’re not even able to finish everything!



With the Belle de Jour Perks of a Bella Voucher here’s a breakdown of our bill:

Calypso Calamari Salad – 495.00 Php

Seafood Platter – 975.00 Php

Fridays Cheeseburger Sliders – 495.00 Php

Iced Tea – 300.00 Php

Service Chage – 202.23 Php

Total: 2467.23 Php

Less 500 Php from Belle de Jour Voucher

New Total: 1967.23 Php 

It was pretty much a good deal p(*^-^*)q  500 Php that was taken off from our bill is not far from what I have originally paid for to purchase the whole planner with the coupon book on it (598.00 Php). Definitely one of the perks of being a Bella!


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