Chubbies Qcina Cafe: Scrumptious Food, Big Servings!

It was one of those lazy days and you just simply wanted to ride a random FX and set off to somewhere. This is how we found Chubbies Qcina Cafe.


We were looking for a coffee shop, and looking back at our Cookie Mug Experience, we decided that Lilac St. might just have a lot more in store for us.

Of course, we were not disappointed. We got to the place and were a little shy at first to come inside. The place seemed like a residential space that was turned to a cafe by the owner. I believe this is really what happened. By the looks of it, the owner is a fan of the antique-feel. Please excuse my lack of interior design knowledge (LOL) but the place became comfortable and elegant at the same time because of the textiles on the wall, the furniture, and the little home accents found here and there.



It’s just a sad lot that we’re not there to dine though, because the menu is pretty impressive. The Chubbies’ Tabachingching Silogs and Bihon con Lechon meals looked promising. Never had I felt remorse on this kind of level. 11350275_10206339945958476_1682877648_n

There were also a variation of cakes on display!


We settled for coffee. We ordered Iced Caramel, as usual. There was also a fine print on the menu that they can remove the coffee upon request which I think is very sensitive especially for the easily rattled, nervous, and the insomniacs. Oh, and also for the kids!

The moment the coffee was served to us, we were dumb-founded. We literally said “WHOA!!!” out of sheer delight and excitement. The serving wasΒ humongous!


The garden was where we decided to stay. As the usual routine dictates, my partner and I exchanged ideas under the afternoon sun, enjoying this treat!



When it was time to go home, we asked one of the staff of the easiest route to return to Cubao, and how convenient it was that the FX heading back passes just across the street!

Chubbies Qcina Cafe, is not for the dieters, weak of heart, and the excessively health conscious. It was made for the likes of us who enjoys food, loves flavor, and adores being full! Cheers to our passionate appetites!

How to Go to Chubbies Qcina Cafe:

1. From Aurora Blvd., go to Gateway Mall entrance facing LRT 2 and ride the FX bound to SSS Village – 35.00 Php

2. Β Ask the driver to drop you off Lilac St. Once on Lilac, you can choose to walk left towards the rest of Marikina (right will lead you to the bridge going to Cookie Mug Cafe and Antipolo) or ride the Trike. If you choose to ride the trike, it’s a flat rate of 20.00 Php. Tell the driver that you’re going to Chubbies!

3. Going home, all you need to do is cross the street from Chubbies, and ride the FX going to Cubao πŸ˜‰ – 35.00 Php

***Chubbies is located at 50 Lilac st. Concepcion Dos Marikina City. You can visit their Facebook Page for more information πŸ˜€


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