Blue Water Day Spa Eastwood: A Time Off From Everything Stressful

While it is true that every person must exercise work-life balance, reality is that this is easier said than done. I find it a luxury going for a massage no matter which spa I would avail it from. You see, it’s hard for me on a normal day to do absolutely nothing for 2 to 3 hours.

When one of my friends brought up the idea of going to a spa after a hearty dinner, I was more than willing to oblige. This may be what I was waiting for: a good enough excuse to pamper myself!

So off we went to Blue Water Day Spa in Eastwood. I often pass by this establishment whenever I’m out for coffee but never really thought of going there. I somehow have this twisted impression that with these luxury spas, you don’t actually get what you pay for.


As we went in, we were greeted warmly by the frontliner and was asked what service we would like to have. I instantly chose Volcanic Stone Massage as I have always chosen hot rock massages and the like whenever I’m out for self-indulgence. One of my friends wanted a Swedish Massage but we somehow convinced her to have the same therapy as ours.

You see, it has been ages since my friends and I last saw each other. We’re talking about 8 years, to be exact! We were so excited by each other’s company and we had to document it through photos. While I understand that at the time, it was around 2 hours before midnight and we were availing an hour and a half session, and the facility will soon be closing, I would really appreciate it if the therapists would not make us feel rushed.


There were 3 therapists waiting for us by the spa entrance and we apologized to them for not getting over the photos fast enough so we could start. We also got the chance to see the owner and we greeted her kindly, but that fell to deaf ears. Sad. But hey, she may be having a rough day.

We were asked if we wanted to have a quick shower and we did. We were offered a choice between hot tea or iced tea which were served immediately. It was a little disappointing though because there were 3 of us and were only provided 2 lockers.

Sauna!!! - But it was turned off. :(

Sauna!!! – But it was turned off. 😦


Again we took photos before we went out their beautiful bathroom and as soon as we entered the massage room, I couldn’t help but feel upscale. The place was simple, yet elegant. A relaxing aroma surrounded the place and their sheets were warm. There was one therapist though that despite our efforts reaching out to her, she dismissed our comments well and looked as if it was our first time on a branded spa. Such a sad lot.

Going solo? They have a place for that too!

Going solo? They have a place for that too!

The massage was fairly good. It was not that impressive. I did ask for normal pressure to be applied through the rest of my body, while a full hard one on my back. The normal pressure I requested for was not relieving. It was light. The hard pressure for my back was considerable. The rocks weren’t heated well, too. I remembered having a Volcanic Rock Massage at The Spa and it was a whole different experience. I was literally at the edge of my wits but there is this relieving feeling that you get after the rush.

When the session ended, I didn’t really want to leave. It was a very good feeling that you finally had some time to relax a little bit and feel like a queen. We were offered drinks and the therapists, all of them, were many levels kinder. It was to a point that I felt bad taking their time when were snapping away our still-framed memories. We didn’t give tips, though.


Overall, I guess I would still go back to this place but would not make it a priority. The amount is quite expensive for the kind of service (and treatment) that you will be getting. It could be just me, but I honestly did not get my money’s worth. Most importantly, on rest days, I don’t like being rushed and this place made me feel just that.

Price of Service: Volcanic Stone Massage – 1,000 Php (an hour and a half)

How to Go To Blue Water Day Spa Eastwood:

1. From Araneta Center, Cubao, walk to Mercury Drugs in Yale. This is the branch located next to Savemore.

2. Ride the jeep going to Rosario or any jeep that would pass Eastwood. Ask to be dropped off at Gentext – 7.50 Php

3. Use the foot bridge to cross the street towards the Police station. Walk straight to the street next to the station until you see the chapel.

4. Walk pass the chapel, further on the same side of the street until you see Blue Water Day Spa.

***Blue Water Day Spa Eastwood can be located atΒ Space D, Ground Floor, One Orchard Road, Eastwood City Cyberpark, E.Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City. You can visit their website HEREΒ or check their Facebook Page.


3 thoughts on “Blue Water Day Spa Eastwood: A Time Off From Everything Stressful

  1. it was better if you let your husbands did the massaging…there’s a different kind of feeling…you got no response from the owner when you greeted her!…bad! those passes are just invitations for a try out…and first timers should get great services but in your case it was a pffft! and it was rushed! imagine, 1000 for a not so great service ?!


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