Home, Sweet Home!

Being a travel and leisure blogger has its own perks, as well as prices to pay: the egoistic gratification of being treated well because people know that you are to critique their place; the warmth and authenticity of others who do itΒ not to please but just focused on the service outlook; the thrill of the senses with every new place you’re about to set foot on; and, sadly, forgetting the passion of writing, and just plainly getting lost to getting lost.

It’s been months since I last updated this blog. There were times when email notifications would bug me, informing that there was a new comment on this entry, and that entry and I honestly couldn’t bring myself to respond…I know…irresponsible, huh?

But I’m back now…and hopefully for good. I have lots of stored photos in my hard drive waiting to be part of stories I wish to share to you ^___^

Here’s to living a good life!



P.S. On my featured image is me at the roof of Pinto Art Gallery. I loooooove the place!!!


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