The Nook Cafe: Keep Calm and Have a Butterbeer!


Am I a Harry Potter fan? Nah…not really. While everyone is flying off the handle over the release of every Harry Potter installment, I am some place else wondering what the fuss is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the Harry Potter series…it was just not my cup of tea.


It was until last August when I truly appreciated the fad. I was at Maginhawa looking for a place to hangout when I happen to come across a chalkboard that screamed “Harry Potter Inspired Drink: Butter Beer (non-alcoholic)!” I was caught by the word “Butter” honestly, so I didn’t had much choice but satisfy my curiosity.

Of course, I ordered the house specialty! The moment I took a sip of it, my senses went gaga. It was the sweetest, most delicious thing! Imagine caramel and butter, blended together and topped with whipped cream. For my diabetic friends out there (attention: Daddy), this is not the drink for you, though. They have chicken, potato wedges, pasta, etc. that you can enjoy, so don’t fret!


To my delight, they also have a selection of books and boardgames to dig into. The collection is not as extensive as those of the boardgame cafes in the Metro, nor the book cafes, but the one thing that really set this place apart was the ambiance. As soon as you step inside, it was as if you stepped right into the book. The walls have the framed coat of arms of the 4 houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin, plus different Harry Potter themed items. If you climb your way to their second floor, you’ll also get to laze around with your coffee, and a few more fancy stuff like owl figurines, and crates turned into tables.

My absolute favorite was the Hogwarts Toga. Let me reiterate the fact that I am not a Harry Potter fan but the moment I saw the toga, I rushed to wear it and had my photo taken. The get-up was not complete without a wand, though, and thank goodness there was a wand, all enclosed in a fancy box! I hurriedly grabbed the owl as well and, yes, I suddenly became part of the whole fever!


And did I mention their wash room? The portal is in the washroom!!!


It was so easy to embrace the Harry Potter Phenomenon when you hang out at The Nook. The place is cozy, interesting, and lived up really well to its theme. When I first went here, there were 3 to 5 groups of people hanging out. It was so different from the crowd today! People are now lining up just to experience the Hogwarts love!

Don’t be left behind! As Dumbledore once said,

“Let us step out into the night, and pursue that flighty temptress, Adventure!”

How to go to The Nook Cafe: 

  1. From Ali Mall Cubao (National Bookstore side), you can ride the jeepney going to SM Fairview. – 7.50 Php
  2. Alight at Sea Oil which is at the corner of Kalayaan Road and Malingap St.
  3. Ride the tricycle and ask to be dropped off at the Nook or the right side of Maginhawa going to Philcoa.  – 17.00 Php
  4. You are not to miss the place because of the sign plus the long line of people, especially on weekends!

**The Nook Cafe is located at 164 A Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village. You can visit their Facebook Page HERE for more info.


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