One Tagaytay Place x Metrodeal Offer: The Deal is Real

The Deal:

48% Off – Indulge in a Heavenly 2-Days/1-Night Getaway for 4 Persons at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites starting at P3200

Inclusions in a nutshell:
♫ Overnight Stay for 2 adults

♫ Plated breakfast for 2 plus welcome drinks

♫ 10-minute massage for 2 at the O Spa (in house Spa)

If you book a normal 2 days and 1 night package at One Tagaytay Place at their website, you will come up with the amount below. This comes with the inclusions Metrodeal has offered, as well. (Please note that I have reserved for a Monday-Tuesday stay which is what I have availed of on the Metrodeal voucher)
One Tagaytay 1
The deal is indeed real! However, stating that it is 48% cheaper is exaggeration. If you would book online, the price that you would be paying for will be 4,199 Php (see photo above). The Metrodeal offer is actually 22% off the regular price.
The thing with Tagaytay is that you can never go wrong when it comes to staycations. You can opt to rent a small room with a good view, or a luxury villa complete with amenities. For my partner and I, we preferred to take advantage of the then Metrodeal promo that entitled us to an overnight stay at One Tagaytay Suites, complete with breakfast and a 10-minute massage.
Looking for the place is easy. All we needed to do was alight at Olivares Rotonda and ride the trike to get to One Tagaytay Place. We were welcomed with warm smiles and checking in was a total breeze! We had to pay a security deposit, though, which is (expected and) refundable at the time of check-out. Since we only brought just enough cash, I provided my credit card and this, they willingly accepted.
We were soon assisted to our room.  Yes, it was a little bit crammed but it was a very comfortable and pleasant space. The bed is a beauty with its warm comforter and fluffy pillows–the sight was as though inviting you to abandon all hope and surrender to your much deserved leisure! Paired with a well-moderated and filtered lighting system, I can’t help but get the feeling that I’m staying in a spa for the night.
Despite setting our minds to just staying in and enjoying the four walls, we could not defy the desire to go out. We visited One Tagaytay place mid-December and the Christmas Air was strong! Just imagine the biting cold which is a very rare luxury here in the tropical Philippines!
Before we roamed around the city, we checked out the hotel first. We tried out the gym equipment as we were watching the news (multitasking, I know!). We also lounged by the pool which we find totally irresistible. Nestled at one of the higher floors, the swimming area provides a good view of the world around you. The hotel attendant provided us towels when he noticed that we were itching to swim.
The water was warm yet the air was strong. Though the pool is more than you can ever ask for, the height to which the pool is at can propose an inconvenience. For the vertigo-plagued, I would suggest that you enjoy in moderation. The air pressure plus the pool water when you go for a swim can cause mild headaches.
Should you wish to go out and enjoy Taal Volcano, just approach any of the bangkeros, usually located outside the hotel. Just a piece of advice: look for the best deal! It would be nice if you would ask around first before settling with a tour package.
If it’s coffee you want, I suggest you visit Java Jazz. Aside from serving delectable and moist chocolate cakes which compliment their freshly brewed coffee, prepare your eyes for an entertainment of a lifetime! The cafe may be modest and not too extravagant, but it’s brimming with paintings, paper mache, stationery, and all other artworks you can think of! It’s love as we know it! When we visited, I couldn’t take enough pictures and I must say that I went pass my budget availing cute stuff, which I have yet to find the purpose!
As expected, near the hotel are bulaluhan shacks here and there. The most famous of them all are the series of carinderias at Mahogany Market. The deal does not simply end with the bulalo, here. With your meal, they will gladly serve free-flowing Kapeng Barako and bananas. A friendly tip: The place is well-known for Bulalo. If you wish to order another entree, it may be a little too expensive.
Us, celebrating our seniorita overload!

Us, celebrating our seniorita overload!

Another cool bulalo place is at Bulalo Point. The place showcases a good view of the Taal Lake plus their food is generally cheaper than that of Mahogany. You may not have the luxury of the unlimited Kapeng Barako or bananas, but if it’s plain ulam that you’re looking for, then this is an awesome place! I also love the idea that there are musicians going around to sing you a song or two. They do not demand payment, however, please give them at least a token for their effort. Any decent amount would do.
The night can be cruel especially when you’re outside the hotel. We had a quick midnight food run to 711 (right outside the hotel) and the wind was violent! Make sure to wear your trusty jacket should you wish to brave the weather. I would definitely suggest that you stay in and enjoy a good movie via the cable television. They also have a 24-hour room service if ever you go crazy hungry.
Free breakfast is served from 6 am to 10 am at the Azalea Restaurant which is also part of the hotel. You will be given a choice of plated meals and may I suggest that you go for the Daing na Bangus, Sinangag, and egg? The serving is oh-so-gracious and it simply tastes superb!
Checking out is as trouble-free as checking in. We were reminded through a friendly phone call of our check-out time early enough for us to pack our bags.
We also had ourselves scheduled for the 10-minute massage as soon as we have officially left our room. We headed to O-Spa and were assigned a private spa room for the treatment. It was dim and fragrant with the sound of peaceful, flowing water surrounding us. The place is a reminiscent of a Bali paradise. As all masseur begins their massage, they asked us which pressure are we comfortable with and it was delivered accurately. It was one of the best 10 minutes of my life. No kidding! It was too good that I fell asleep during the massage! I sincerely appreciate the fact, too, that the masseur allowed me to doze off and only woke me up after 10 more minutes of being asleep.
Negative Points:
A petty thing which does not really affect the stay:
↓ It would have been nice if at the Metrodeal website, it was well-communicated that there will be a security deposit. Others may be surprised about this requirement.
* I can never rave enough about this place. I was a well-satisfied customer! The hotel, itself, is a good escape from everything stressful.
*Better visit the place around November to February when the weather is at its finest!
*Do not bring your kids. While the place is family friendly, the young ones would not really appreciate staycations like this (just my opinion…no playground, no slides on the pool).
*The one missed star is actually for the misrepresented amount of discount that Metrodeal presented. Other than that, I do not have cruel words for One Tagaytay Place 🙂
Enjoy your staycation!!!!!

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