Crepeman Maginhawa: Everyone is Welcome!

Crepes are usually identified as desserts. What I love about them is that, in reality, they’re just so versatile!


Crepeman Maginhawa takes advantage of this attribute. We’re talking about a simple buckwheat flour infused with so much goodness that if you are as creative as this franchise, you’re up to be loved by tons!

They have all sorts of crepe concoction. From the sweet and fruity to the hearty and savory! Sometimes it’s just so hard to decide…really. Also considering the fact that they’re very affordable. The crepes range from 70 Php to 150 Php! Imagine that?!

Having a wide variety of drinks makes the place awesome as well. Crepeman serves coolers, fruit shakes, milk shakes, and espresso drinks!!! Again, can I emphasize how fair their prices are?


Crepeman is for every walk of life. Hanging out at the place most of the time, I have seen students, professionals, congressmen (yes!), vendors, even trike drivers stopping by to have a quick snack. The place welcomes and does not discriminate. Plus the staff are all nice 🙂


How to go to Crepeman Maginhawa:

  1. From Alimall Cubao, ride the jeep heading to SM Fairview.
  2. Disembark at Unioil Kalayaan cor. Malingap St. – 7.50 Php
  3. Ride the trike to Crepeman Maginhawa – 25 Php
  4. Or if you are fond of walking (which is fun because Malingap St. and Maginhawa St. are cool streets with all the cafes and restaurants around ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ) just walk straight until you reach the end of Malingap St. turn right at Maginhawa St. and keep walking until you reach Crepeman!

***Crepeman is located at 168 Maginhawa Corner Mapagkumbaba Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. They are open from 10 AM to 12 MN from Mondays through Sundays. You can visit their Zomato Page or their Facebook Page for more information! 


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