The Belle de Jour Power Planner: More Than Just a Planner

In the most futile attempt to keep my life in order, I have desperately purchased planners for every single year since I was in elementary school. Yeah…I am such a big procrastinator. I kept thinking that, yeah, maybe I am more efficient and effective if I do things the last minute.

I was wrong. SO WRONG.


I needed organizers. I am obsessed with organizers. I started out with the 90210 organizer when I was younger, been going to Regina’s at Greenhills as I grew older, collected Starbucks Christmas Stickers, and then finally came across the Belle de Jour Power Planner.


This year was no different. I planned purchasing the BDJ Power Planner as soon as it hits the book stores. However, being the active Bella that I am now, I found out that I can actually pre-order it online. And so I did! I planned picking it up at the then upcoming Β BDJ Fair but because of the storm at the time, the event was cancelled.

Thank goodness, though, for good customer service…the planner was shipped right to my doorstep! Free of charge! You should have seen how excited and thrilled I was knowing that it’s finally here!

Yes, I took the obligatory documentation photo of it and posted it on Instagram immediately! I then scanned through the page and read through the articles. Just as I have expected, all of them are informative and very helpful to your everyday lives. I’m not just saying this, actually. I am a trainer and I usually quote these articles in class to keep everyone motivated and inspired. My favorite this year is the Rekindle Your Light Page.


Here you can list down you negative thoughts, recall a solution you once did to battle the situation off, and replace it with a positive thought! You can also jot down your successes and celebrate your talent. This is definitely a good way to increase your self worth whenever your are feeling off the weather.

On the planner as well, you can track your bills, maintain your health and wellness, keep your dreams and aspirations alive. Now, that’s not really what your usual planner does, correct?


With all that being said, the treat is simply not yet over. More than just a planner, the Belle de Jour organizer is your access to the biggest discounts ever! Along with it comes a small voucher booklet to the most amazing places in the Metro. We have Ace Water Spa, Revlon, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, TGI Fridays, The Body Shop, and sooo much more! The discount ranges from 10% to absolutely FREE.

And that’s not all…just have yourself registered at to be part of a community that does not only shower you with freebies, but also encourages you to bring out your confidence. You will have a year-long access to events that cater self-development and career management

There’s a lot in just one simple planner, huh? After all, I have always believed that the Belle de Jour Power Planner is not only to keep yourself organized. It takes care of you in totality. It is so awesome to be part of a community where everyone is being looked after. This is exactly how I felt being a Bella πŸ™‚

**The Belle de Jour Power Planner is available at ilovebdj.comΒ and to bookstores near you πŸ™‚ Price as of this writing is at 500 Php.


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