Caution Hot 警告辣: Your Go-To Spicy Noodle House

Being a fan of anything soup is not really easy. There will come a point where you can no longer be satisfied with your typical carinderia’s pasabaw. You wanted something more…something that will definitely tickle your taste buds…something amusingly shocking.

I could talk passionately about soup and noodles all day if you want! That’s how big of a lover I am…and this is how I wound up at Caution! HOT!

Aside from the place is so hard to miss with its screaming red sign, you’ll also see a chalkboard declaring “Spicy Noodles Inside!” That’s love! We rushed in and immediately appreciated the simplicity of the place. Imagine Taiwan or even Hongkong…can you recount their modern noodle houses there? This is fusion of that and a wash of the traditional.


When we were handed the menu, it got more interesting. Ordering is actually a 4-step process! First of, you would have to decide which toppings you would like. You have a choice between All Veggie, Pork, Beef, and Seafood. Honestly, I would have gone for the seafood if it was not for my allergies but I was not disappointed with Pork. OMG Pork was to die for.

Then, you will be asked to choose your broth. Szechuan is an all-time favorite of mine. It’s everything spicy and hearty plus it has fried egg and mushrooms! If you would like to go for a bit of sourness with a splash of sweetness, I would suggest you try Asam Laksa. The taste would transport you to Malaysia with its authenticity! Lastly, it would never kill, if you’d go for the simple and traditional. Try their Classic broth for a more clean, non-spicy experience.


Choosing your noodles is easy. If you would like a fuller taste, go for the wheat noodles. If you are like me, though, who loves thin, easy to eat ones, go for the egg noodles. Lastly, you will be asked how spicy you would like your noodles to be. I went immediately for Ultimate Burn! According to their menu, it’s the 4th level of spiciness and super punch. If you’re a little bit modest, I would strongly recommend the 2nd Degree burn so you get to enjoy full flavors still.


The experience at Caution! HOT! is something worth retelling. It’s a simple dining place but the food is just so delectable. If you don’t have that big of an appetite, you can actually share one bowl with a friend. But remember, personalizing your noodles is a big thing here. Your friend might not appreciate you palate’s whims!


How to go to Caution! HOT!

  1. From Alimall Cubao, ride the jeep heading to SM Fairview. – 7.50 Php
  2. Alight at Puregold Kalayaan and ride the trike. Ask to be dropped off at Ministop near Krus na Ligas. – 17.00 Php
  3. Once you disembarked at Ministop, look toward the direction of U.P., and you can’t miss the red signage screaming “CAUTION! HOT!”

**Caution! HOT! is located at Magiting Corner Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City. You can visit their Facebook Page for more information. They are open from 11 AM to 11 PM 🙂


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