BDJ x Subic Grand Seas Resort: R & R Galore

Being, always, at the hive of activity, it is best to just take a step back and do something for yourself every once in a while. For some girls, a quick manicure and pedicure would do. Others would prefer going out of town and enjoying life away from stress.

Last month, I was itching to go somewhere–anywhere–as long as it is not in Manila. I realized there were still some unused vouchers on my Belle de Jour Power Planner and as I scanned through it, I found the Subic Grand Seas Resort coupon. Hooray!


So, off we went, my partner and I. The travel time was pretty much a breeze. We took the Victory Liner Bus which took the SCTEX Route and before we knew it, we were already at the resort!

Checking in was a cinch! Since we were unfamiliar with the place, we have coordinated with their contact person through text while we were on our way and the Subic Grand Seas Resort staff were already expecting us. Just a little something on the side: we would like to thank the staff for patiently giving us the directions and preparing everything for our arrival. All our love!!!


We found the room as the perfect haven to ease up the urban tension. The bed was all I could ask for. It was not too soft that you get swallowed into nothingness by the comforter and the mattress. It was exactly as you would like it to be should you be like me who’s having back and shoulder pains from sitting in an office chair for too long. The bathroom was spacious and definitely clean too!

My partner and I headed out and checked the whole resort. We hung out by the beach and watched the sunset. It was quite a disappointment, though. Personally, I would not suggest swimming in the sea. The shore needs a little work done on. I perfectly understand why the resort invested on a good elevated chill out spot by the beach and not utilize the sand. It’s actually a clever idea as the place can get dirty (The place is near a port). If you would like to enjoy the sea, I strongly recommend that you coordinate with the hotel for jetski rental 🙂



Sam’s Pizza is something that caught our attention when we alighted the bus. The resort’s owner also owns the pizza place. We had our food delivered (and can I just say how quick the service is? Bravo!) and we ate it by the pool. We ordered coffee and rounds of iced tea at the Crab Loco (the resort’s in-house bar and restaurant). The Pizza was delicious! The serving was more than generous and although it may not look as big as your usual Manila Pizzas, it was heavy and fulfilling to the stomach!


The Kitty Cat who got lured by the heavenly Pizza aroma!

We had our full body massage (an inclusive to our Belle de Jour Package) scheduled before our bedtime. When the therapists came in our room, they immediately started and made full use of the hour. They made sure to cover all pressure points and eased our weary muscles. The tensed parts of my back was recovered and I was instantly sleepy after the massage. The therapists did not ask nor hinted for tips but we gave them anyway since we were satisfied customers!

Morning came a little bit early for us. I guess with all the relaxation, it was more than enough to fill our gauge and start a new day. We had our breakfast by the lawn, viewing the beach. We were on a gazebo so what more can we ask for? The breakfast was free and was served immediately upon request. We were given everything before we could ask for anything, including the morning paper. In short, the experience was more than what we have expected!



After our meal, we went for a swim and appreciated the morning sun. The scenery was perfect! The weather was bright and friendly. It was such a pain knowing that we will be leaving soon.

We checked out after and it was still as painless as the time we came in. The staff did their routine check and they graciously sent us off. We claimed our deposit and headed home contented and satisfied.

Overall, it was a good escape. It was a very good vacation. We would have stayed longer if it was not for the impending return to workday (argh!). The service was outstanding and we felt right at home.

One thing I would give you a heads up on would be the location of the resort. If you are expecting a secluded, far from the hustle and bustle of the streets, kind of place, this may not be exactly the place you are looking for. But to be fair though, even if Subic Grand Seas Resort is just at the shoulder of the main road, they do have a long walkway from the main entrance which would protect you from the stress and sound of the vehicles passing by. Looking at the bright side too, it means that transportation is cheap and easily accessible for backpackers like us 🙂


How to go to Subic Grand Seas Resort:

  1. Go to the Victory Liner Terminal along EDSA and ride the bus heading to Iba, Zambales via SCTEX. – 250 Php
  2. Ask the driver to drop you off in front of Subic Grand Seas Resort 🙂 or simply ask to be let off at Barangay Barredo at Olongapo.

–> Going home, may I suggest you take the Victory Liner Deluxe Bus? The lazy boys may not be that impressive but the amount of time you save since they do not have any rest stops plus the sheer comfort of their chairs is simply worth it!!! Combo it up with a good blanket and you’ll end up like me who fell asleep at SCTEX and woke up at Cubao. LOL.

**The Belle de Jour Power Planner included a coupon for Subic Grand Seas. Instead of paying 3,131 Php with no other inclusions (3,700 Php tax included), you would only have to pay 2,220 Php. Please make your reservations a week prior to your desired date.

**The Belle de Jour Power Planner can be purchased at their website (500 Php) or at any leading bookstore (prices vary). 

**The Subic Grand Seas resort is located at 83 National Highway, Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City. You can contact them at 0917-844-SEAS (7327)  or email your reservation requests at










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