BDJ Fair 2015: A Celebration

Loving the brand Belle de Jour is more than being a product patron but also embracing the lifestyle. As I have previously mentioned on my blog entries, more than keeping your life organized with the Power Planner, the BDJ Community is your exclusive access to new products, self-improvement talks, and all else that promotes personality enhancement.

Last November 29, the 7th BDJ Fair was held at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall…and yes, I was there as I couldn’t miss it for the world! I wouldn’t say that I have been a Bella for a long time but the time that I have been was wonderful. I pre-registered months before and made plans for this event.

I arrived and signed up on the entrance to confirm my attendance. I was given a magenta Sharpie and a map of the place. Fellow Bellas greeted me and raved about how special the loot bag was and I was really itching to get a hold of it!


Right after, I started trekking from one booth to another, participating on activities and getting my free stuff. Yes, I was able to get a lot! From moisturizers, facial masks, gift certificates, to cotton candies, popcorn, and photo booth prints!

Speaking of photo booths, one thing that amazed me was the BDJ Light Graffiti photo booth. It was something new and knowing that it was for free really is a treat πŸ™‚


After all the hustling and bustling through the booths, I attended the talk by Karen Ostrea (Flaunt Your Style). It was very informative and was really useful especially to the teens listening. Knowing how to improve your image is something important especially if you wish to succeed in your chosen career.


Overall, the event was a success and it was such a shame that it had to end. I went home contented and more than happy with my loots and of course the pride of being a full-pledged Bella. Β Definitely, next year is a date. I will see to it that this is going to be an annual tradition.


**The Belle de Jour Power Planner is now available at your leading bookstores! You can still purchase it online though at πŸ™‚

**This is not a paid advertisement.









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