BDJ x Lancome Genifique: Being Youthful is Easy

Being forever young is a losing battle. We simply cannot stop every year from passing. Maintaining your youth, however, is different altogether. While the market is swarmed with beauty products all promising softer skin, disappearance of wrinkles, and the like, the Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate has been developed to bring out the years you once had.


I was fortunate enough to receive a free sample of this product during the Belle de Jour Fair ’15. That same evening, the excited person I was, I used it hoping that it is as it claims to be. According to Lancome’s write-up, in 7 days the product will definitely improve and rejuvenate the skin, whatever age bracket or ethnicity you belong to. This has been tried and proven through clinical testing under dermatologists’ control, they say. The commitment was big, yes? But then again, it would always be up to the consumer to decide.

The morning after, I was not really expecting for the changes to immediately surface. Indeed, I woke up with a softer skin–that was fast–and it shows such promise. What can you expect from Lancome?



What amazed me further is that as the week progressed, the condition of my skin also improved. Take note that prior to this, I have been using a different beauty product. Goes to show that there is yet more to improve and this product can do it!

Have you ever woken up feeling skin-saggy and sloppy? The Lancome Youth Activating Concentrate  got rid of that for me. I continue to start my day having my skin toned, firm, smooth, and radiant. This is despite me being exposed to sunlight.


This is my way of spreading the good news. There is such a product for us who wishes to remain youthful despite the years that went and will eventually come. Pass it on!

**This is not a paid advertisement by Lancome, nor Belle de Jour

**You can purchase the BDJ Power Planner and enjoy tons of freebies throughout the year through




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