Snacks & Ladders: Boardgame Nirvana

All thanks to nostalgia (or whatever you want to call it), the kids today are now curious with what it was like growing up for us in our late 20s and 30s. Sure, they have it easier with their gadgets but you must admit, there’s nothing that can amount to the joy of moving boardgame pieces and reading luck out of a card. This may be the reason why there is a sudden rise of boardgame cafes in the Metro.



One of these said places is Snacks and Ladders. Since it is within the proximity, we dropped by to check the cafe upon hearing it was already open. We were excited, as well, with the idea that they have an al fresco area where smokers (like us) are wholeheartedly welcome!


What greeted us upon arrival was their giant chess area where you can literally carry the pieces with both of your hands and move it across the board. Whoever said chess fanatics do not get much physical exercise?


We were also assisted by their staff to our table and gave us the menu. I was expecting sweets, coffee concoctions, and food that you can easily consume while playing…and I was not disappointed! They have smores, nachos, banoffee pie, and even your traditional sago’t gulaman –all of which were named after boardgames! Awesome right?

Their boardgame collection is also a sight to see! It may not be as vast as the established cafes of its kind but it was A LOT!!! They have games for all ages! The kids can play an exciting round of Buster’s Bones or Sumo Ham Slam! The big groups can play party games such as Cards Against the Humanity, Avalon, or Resistance. For the serious gamers, there’s always Arkham Horror! Snacks and Ladders is just so well-rounded.

We also got the chance to meet and mingle with fellow enthusiasts. Our favorite would always be Albert. He works at the cafe as a game guru or a person you can always go to to understand a game you know vaguely about. He initially, patiently taught us how to play Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Island  but we insisted that he stay longer with us so we can play Betrayal at House on the Hill. We had a good game or two and having him with us made the experience worthwhile. If you’re reading this, I’d like to extend my gratitude for sharing with us your game prowess. We hope to play with you again one of these days. Eldritch Horror, perhaps? 🙂

Another highlight of the cafe would be their Extended Coffee. It goes by the principle “Sharing is Caring”. So how does it work? Let’s say you’re having the best day of your life and you wish to pay it forward. You can always buy a cup of coffee that goes into a sort of “Coffee Bank”. Any person who’s having a shitty day can claim it for free and hopefully pay it forward one day. Talk about promoting generosity!


My partner and I turned into loyal customers literally overnight! There was even a time when we spent every single day of the week there. Snacks and Ladders is the place to be. You get to have fun, not only with games, but also with the food!

How to go to Snacks & Ladders:

  1. From Alimall Cubao, ride the jeepney going to SM Fairview and ask to be alighted at V.Luna – 7.50 Php
  2. From V. Luna, walk to the first street and ride the trike. Tell the driver that you will be going to Maginhawa Building cor. Makadios. -17.oo Php
  3. Just across, you’ll see this Board Game Haven!


**Snacks & Ladders is located at 188 A Maginhawa St. Quezon City Philippines. You can visit their FACEBOOK PAGE or follow them on Instagram




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