Cafe By The Ruins: A Taste of Local Greatness

You would know that you’re near Cafe By The Ruins if you happen to pass by a long queue along Chuntug St. Baguio City. Yes, this artistically and exotically-designed restaurant has stirred the attention of tourists, foodies, and even your normal passersby!


At first, I thought that it was all just a hype. Since the Internet Folks has this ability to turn a humble act to a sensation, it had actually brought doubt whether the place (or the food) is worth the wait. Luckily for us, there was no queue when we arrived. We waited patiently to be seated while I snapped away every detail I can lay my eyes on.


It was a feast for the eyes! The place, that is.Β The interior was mostly made of wood and thereΒ is artwork in every corner. There were paintings, murals, woodwork, collage…the place is a gallery!

We were handed the menu as soon as we settled and I must say that their bill of fareΒ is as interesting as the menu folder, itself. It boasted of food made from ingredients coming from different parts of the Philippines! They were very particular in recognizing these local resources that you would somehow feel the sense of nationalism and loyalty to the Filipino brand.

I ordered their talked-about Ensaymada paired with their Iced Ruins Coffee…and it was fulfilling! The coffee was rich which is seldom pulled off when iced (except for Malay Coffee). You can even tell that they use Muscovado to keep their drink healthy and organic. It also made perfect sense why their Ensaymada is a hit. From the cheese, to the sugar, to the bread itself, you are left with no choice but to consume the greatness.

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The candles and the mildly-lit area actually added charisma to the place. The beauty is like that of a traditional Filipina–simple, natural, yet intriguingly striking. The staff were also nice and very patient. The weather also added to the overall feel of the restaurant.

As we were preparing to leave, we noticed that the crowd has already made its way to the queue. We got lucky, actually. For 25 years, Cafe By The Ruins has proven itself worthy of the fame. That’s more than 2 decades of celebrating the local flavor and artistry! We wish for more years to come!

**Cafe By The Ruins is located atΒ 23 Chuntug St.Β Baguio City, Benguet. You can contact them atΒ (074) 442-4010 or visit their FACEBOOK PAGE for more information.





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