Miners’ Cabin: Bulalo Up North

It is mandatory that if you are to stay in a cold province here in the Philippines, you would have to eat anything with sabaw, particularly Bulalo.

For those of you who do not know what Bulalo is (I sure hope there’s close to none), it’s beef shanks and bone marrow in clear soup, cooked with vegetables like cabbage, corn, potato, and the like. Since it is boiled over long amounts of time, the fats of the beef would soon be infused in the soup releasing such distinct flavors that fit perfectly alongside a serving of rice, in a marriage of sheer flavor. Hungry now? I know I am! 🙂


Baguio is no excuse to tradition. Although Bulalo is a delicacy of the Southern Tagalogs, the weather and the love of food brought the dish to the North. As we were walking to Mines View Park, we happen to stumble upon a glorious luck–Miners’ Cabin— and guess what their specialty is? BULALO!


The place seemed like a simple shack from the outside but as we stepped inside, we were greeted by Golf trophies, collection of rock specimens, and some mining gear.  It was a homey place and the staff, together with the owner, rushed in greeting us. We felt appreciated!

We immediately felt the need to order as the aroma of boiling Bulalo soup was taking over our olfactory senses. We went for the Spicy Bulalo, Sizzling Bulalo in Mushroom Gravy, and Lechon Kawali. Forgive me father for I have sinned! Too much fatty food! But, hey, we only live once!


While we were waiting for our food my partner and I walked around and discovered their balcony area. It was probably the best part of the cabin, after the food. The balcony area was overlooking the lush greens of the City of Pines. The place was cold and windy but the air was clean. By the right, we even saw an ethnic tree carving that added such beauty and exquisiteness to the place! And boy, did I took pictures! It was too good to entrust it simply to my memory!


The food was served as instantly as it was consumed. We asked for extra soup which they willingly gave. The spicy bulalo was to die for and the lechon kawali was beyond our expectations. I could not say one bit of a bad word!

The Miners’ Cabin is a good place for the family. They offer good food, good atmosphere. All dishes are affordable and the warmth of the people running the place is incomparable. Make it your stop in Baguio!


**Miners’ Cabin is located at Outlook Drive Mines View, Baguio City. If you’re heading to Mines View Park, you’re not going to miss it! It’s at the southbound area.






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