Java Jazz: Coffee and the Local Artistry

Art and Coffee go particularly well with each other– this is the reason why Java Jazz is such a hit!



To prove my point, let me just say that most of the museums I’ve been to has an in-house coffee shop where you can lounge and digest the abstractย epiphanies you have just experienced.


This one is different, though. Java Jazz is a coffee shop that houses art made by the locals. Along the Tagaytay-Calamba road, this simple yet alluring cafe is bound to mesmerize you by its simplicity in design, yet distinct taste of craft.

We were pleasantly surprised when we checked the menu. Their coffee-based beverages were all less than 100 Php! Wonders would definitely never cease as we read it further and saw the Java Specials for Two. You are given a choice between a) 2 cups Kapeng Pinoy + Chocolate Coffee Cake; b)ย 2 cups Kapeng Pinoy + 4 pcs Pandesal + Quesong Puti c)ย 2 cups Kapeng Pinoy + Malagkit with Latik…they are all for 199.00 Php per combination! I had a very hard time deciding! I eventually ended up with choice A though, since I just couldn’t resist the moistness of Chocolate Cakes!

I was also satisfied when our order was served. It was a hearty and generous serving for that price!


After consuming our merienda over a good intellectual exchange, we decided to look at the art displays closely. It was a comfort knowing that the kids of this generation still rely on the traditional visual art of canvas x paint to express themselves. It was an amusing discovery that for them, art is not just Photoshop filters but also paint brushes. Yes, some art works featured that time were from children!

There was also an area for crafts. I adored the recycled products that kids made to aid their schooling such as notebooks, bags, and bookmarks. There is hope for humanity!!!

We left the cafe feeling all lighthearted and contented. We did have our usual doze of coffee but added to that, we had a spark of hope brought about the art that we just witnessed. Hooray for the locals of Tagaytay!!!

**Java Jazz Coffee is located atย 442 Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Sungay West,Tagaytay City. You can check their ZOMATO page for more information ๐Ÿ™‚


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