Wright Park: Baguio’s Horseback Riding Heaven

When I was 5 years old, I remembered feeling scared being left alone on a horse during that obligatory photo op at Wright Park. I feared that the horse would gallop causing me to fall off and then eventually being crushed dead by the other horses. Yeah…I was one paranoid prick.


Years later, there I was, almost 30 years old, looking at the horses in disbelief. They were not as big as I recounted! And how could I not love their colorful saddles and hair?!


A typical kid would enjoy a visit at Wright Park. Every child (except me) fancies riding a horse and be that cowboy/cowgirl they had always dreamed about. Here, their fantasies would turn to reality!

I also checked the horses and they seem to be in good health. I was scared for an instant that this may be bordering animal abuse (as with the calesas of Manila), but looking at their limbs, you would know that they are all healthy and well-fed!


For those who propose no interest at horseback riding, Wright Park is also a good place for shopping. They sell key chains, baskets, strawberry jam, ukuleles, and other Baguio products at a lower price compared to the stalls near Session Road.



You can also rent a traditional Igorot clothing and head dress and have your picture taken. I love how the natives manage to still take care of their culture and share it with the tourists! Another amazing fact is that this also serves as one of their source of living.


The grand Wright Park stairs is as tiring as I remembered it to be. We climbed and trod, and toiled, until we reached the top. We were just a little bit disappointed seeing the monument on top of the flight of stairs since kids were scrambling up making the sculpture their personal playground.


We then saw the Pool of Pines which is really breath taking! It was a stretch of pool surrounded by pine trees serving as an interlude to The Mansion. According to history, Wright Park was named after Luke Edward Wright, which served as a Governor-General in the Philippines during the American occupation. He is also the architect of this tourist attraction.


Of all the good things here at Wright Park, what I love most is the fact that the entrance is free. Remember, though, that since it is, responsible tourism is encouraged. Let us preserve Wright Park so kids like me, then, can one day look back and remember this beauty!

How to go to Wright Park:

  1. From Burnham Park walk past Lake Drive and the Football Field.
  2. Ride the Jeepney with the signage Mines View Park. –  8.50 Php
  3. Ask to be dropped off at Wright Park.


**Wright Park is located at Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio.


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