The Mansion: Baguio’s Very Own Malacanang

According to history, the Mansion was built to be the summer residence of the US Governor-Generals residing in the Philippines. Now that the American colonization has long been over, we are left with this beauty to preserve. Today, the Mansion serves as the Summer Residence of the Philippine President.

Seeing the Mansion is a reminiscent of those international films wherein head of states or big-shot personalities gather in front of the grandiose driveway as a prelude to attending some important affair. You should have seen how neatly trimmed the grasses were and how heavily guarded were the gates!

We could only go farther much and have our pictures taken with the elegant sight as our backdrop. It was not too disappointing, though. Having your picture taken is for free! Hooray for the still-free tourism perks!!!

How to go to The Mansion:

  1. From Burnham Park walk past Lake Drive and the Football Field.
  2. Ride the Jeepney with the signage Mines View Park. –  8.50 Php
  3. Ask to be dropped off at Wright Park and enjoy the view. Climb the long stairs and walk past the Pool of Pines and you’ll never miss The Mansion!


**The Mansion is located at Romulo Dr. Baguio, Benguet.



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