Mines View Park: Baguio in a Nutshell

One can never visit Baguio and not go to Mines View Park.

The City of Pines’ “Most Visited and Famous Park” takes pride of its timeless observation deck that has been replicated in postcards, paintings, and murals. Mines View ParkΒ overlooks the beautiful town of Itogon. From high up, you can also view the abandoned gold and copper mines of the Benguet Corporation.


Adjacent to it, one can view the Amburayan Valley which is an absolutely breathtaking sight, especially in the morning.

However, the deck is not only the reason why tourists swarm over Mines View Park. The place is also known as one of the shopping destinations of Baguio. From native handicrafts, to beautiful and colorful plants…you can find it here! For the sentimental people, like me, this is also the best place to buy souvenirs. We were able to buy native knives, keychains, and the pi’tay (Igorot blanket that can be used as part of their clothing).

You can also rent a full Igorot costume and have your picture taken around the park. It was such a good experience since not only is this an immersion to our native culture but also help in the livelihood of our Igorot brothers and sisters.


Who can ever forget the resident St. Bernard dog at Mines View Park, Doglas? We regret to deliver this heartbreaking story that he has already passed on. However, in his place are his kids. We had the chance to take a picture with this cute little girl!


Should you come by and visit Mines View Park on your next Baguio trip, you can ask around how to go to the Balatoc Mines. These are the gold and copper mines that I mentioned earlier. Although deserted, the place is also one of the must-see attractions of the province.

…And yes, don’t forget to bring your cameras!



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