Wingman: I Believe I Can Fly

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Buffalo Wings is every beer-lover’s best friend! Sadly for me, I’m not really a beer person…but when it comes to wings, I’m all for it!

One of my partner and I’s biggest frustration is not being able to find a “wingstaurant” that offers something new to the palette. Most would serve wings depending on the level of spiciness, while some with the usual rubs such as Teriyaki, Butter Garlic, Honey Mustard, and the like. It only sometimes varies on the name but the same old flavor!


We were supposed to visit Churreria La Lola at UP Town Center when we decided to just eat dinner altogether. We ended up craving for any bar chow with rice. In other words, anything oily and easy to eat! We were jumping from one restaurant to another until we found Wingman at the very corner of the second floor.



The interior of the place was striking. It was your typical sports bar but when you look up, there’s a wing of a plane! And on the door, there’s a propeller! I know I can be a little too amazed sometimes. Sorry! o(*≧░≦)o There were posters, television screens, lamps, and the lighting complemented it all.



I actually had a hard time deciding what to order. Their menu may be simple–a relaxed and casually folded pamphlet–but it was packed with information and pictures! My partner wanted to try the Moroccan Chermoula rub because it sounded interesting, while I wanted something edgyΒ so I chose Seoul Train. When the wings came, we were not disappointed! It was over-the-top full of flavors!


Let me just say how the Moroccan Chermoula flirted our senses! The herbs are uniquely intriguing and it has this rich, spicy, thick aroma that would make you want to linger on the food a little longer, yet wanting to devour it as soon as possible.


The Quesadilla was also commendable! It was soft, it was warm, and the cheese on it was begging to be eaten! Heavenly! But what really caught my interest is their carrots on the sides. Talk about fresh! I am not a fan of carrots, honestly, and I would slit my wrists first than eating a stick, but theirs is different. It was so fresh and so neatly served that eating it proposes no threat to me at all. I enjoyed it, in fact.


The staff were an honest bunch that we didn’t feel that they did recommendations based on the highest price. They were discussing flavors and options which made me love them!

The price is very reasonable too! We expected it to be a little over-the-top since most of the restaurant at UP Town Center are, but were delighted that the meal was below 1,000 Php. We were full and happy, which is a good sign.


Probably, if I were to drink beer again, I would do itΒ here. It’s a place where you can spend some me time, away from stress, over good food.

To check how to go to Wingman, UP Town Center, click on this LINK!

**Wingman is located atΒ Second Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. You can contact them through their phone number (02) 2772873 or check their FACEBOOK PAGE for more information.


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