Perks of a Bella: Serenity Snacks Against Stress

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First off, I’d like you to meet the OGI Training Team:

We are dedicated to mentor you, not only on the job that you are about to assume, but also with your work ethics. It is a normal job that entails great responsibility. Now, why am I giving you all these introduction when I am only giving a quick review on Serenitea’s Snacks?

That’s because our appetite is connected with how well we fulfill our job description. Call it stress-eating or phantom hunger, either way, we simply adore food!

One of our classes this month required so much energy. I was helping my colleagues get accustomed to new modules and how to execute them. As expected, we eventually decided that food can make all things better.

During our lunch break, we all headed to Serenitea Eastwood in hopes that we can find something to scratch the hungry itch. Since I have my Belle de Jour Power Planner, I knew that Serenitea offer snacks that are both easy to eat but intricately scrumptious.


I ordered Pepper ย Tofu since I heard that it’s actually one of the snacksย the brand is most proud of. Honestly, it should really be! No matter how simple tofu can be, Serenitea found a way to spice things up and infuse it with herbs and other condiments that it became a reminiscent of Taipei Street Food! A bite meant a party to the senses! I am not even exaggerating!


My friends ordered food from other stalls and we all shared snacks and I kid you not, they loved the Pepper Tofu as much as I do! It’s also a good thing that the BDJ Voucher gave us 5% off the total price of the snack. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have not yet used your voucher, I suggest that you head to the nearest Serenitea branch as soon as possible. Don’t miss the chance and find a good reason to drop by!

**Serenitea Eastwood is located atย Cyberzone Plaza, Eastwood, E. Rodriguez Junior Avenue, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City.ย You can also be part of the Bell de Jour Lifestyle! Find out how atย and get exciting discounts on awesome restaurants and brands!


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