Can I Just Say, “Bullchef!”?

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We were told that Kapitolyo, Pasig is fast becoming the next “go-to” place for foodies. Would we miss the chance to give the place a visit? Of course not!

The moment we arrived at the district, we were once again torn as to where to go and which restaurant to try. Kapitolyo offers all sorts of food from Japanese to Italian, from pastries to full-course meals!


Funny how we ended up at this Bulalo place called “Bullchef”. We passed-by their screaming sign once or twice but didn’t land there up until the very last minute. Yes, we got tired. We walked from both ends just to ensure that we’re making the right decision!

My partner and I thought that, “Hey it’s Bulalo! Bulalo is always good!”. With that in mind, we knew that nothing could go wrong despite being greeted by a damp, musty smell.Β We did try convincing ourselves that it was all going to be great.


We sat down near the window and immediately noticed the stack of old magazines behind us. We sort of moved a little bit farther from it just in case cockroaches would spring out. There was also a sort of Wall of Fame where famous personalities who dropped by leave their messages of support and autograph. Pictures were also put up on the wall and I could only imagine how beautiful it looked like…before. Now, it was washed out; the photos were blurred to the point of beyond recognition, and the wall was turning yellow.


Still, we tried telling ourselves that it couldn’t be that bad. Celebrities loved the place!

Their menu was remarkable! Aside from it was entertaining because of the food names, they also have bundles so you get to enjoy not only Bulalo, but other side dishes. Yes, it was a little pricey…but we thought that even at Mahogany Tagaytay, Bulalo does come in a significant amount.


Now, we never thought 150 grams can be sooo little. We knew for a fact that 150 grams is just 50 grams more than the minimum weight of jellybeans you can get from those high-end candy stalls but hey…translate it to ulam,Β it was waaay too quaint. I honestly was disappointed. We ordered the Bullchef special and it was nothing but that. The rice was weighed up to the last grain (although refillable once only) and the Bulalo Soup was bland. The only thing that looked special were the 2 wooden sticks to help us get the marrow out of the bone.


If there’s any consolation, we were told that the soup is sky’s the limit.


Asking for the bill was also heartbreaking. We had to pay almost 500 Php for something not worth it. With heavy heart, we still thanked the staff and head out, promising never to visit the place again.

**Please click this LINK for directions on how to go to Bullchef.

**Bullchef is located atΒ 4 East Capitol Drive,Kapitolyo, Pasig City and is open from 10 AM – 3 AM, Mondays through Sundays. For more information, you can visit their FACEBOOK PAGE.Β 


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