Perks of a Bella: Juicin’ Up with Jamba Juice

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At one point in your life, you would realize that you need to prioritize your health. This happened to me at the strike of 2016.


Face it, we’re not getting any younger and those chic, healthy living campaigns suddenly make sense. I’ve tried detox water, herbal supplements, and yes, juicing.


Juicing is the practice of turning your favorite fruits and vegetables toย a juice recipe making the phytonutrients (plant compounds that promote the improvement of health) and enzymes easy for the body to absorb. This has become a trend for the health conscious.

As I was working my way through the success of my New Year’s Resolution, I realized that I can now utilize the Belle de Jour voucher for Jamba Juice. Boy, I was excited! What used to be just an establishment I nonchalantly pass on my way to work, is now the object of my curiosity!

We went to the Jamba Juice Tomas Morato branch and orderedย Mango-A-Go-GoยฎSmoothie. It was absolutely delicious and you can taste the freshness in just a sip! What’s crazier is that from 16oz, we had it upsized to 22oz for free!


The place was also spacious and very comfortable. My partner and Iย had a good time lounging about, and as usual, talking about random stuff. When we got tired sitting inside, we asked the staff if we can sit at the Krispy Kreme al fresco area which seemed like they share. Without hesitation, they said yes!

It was a good experience and having Jamba Juice to boost your health is the best way to go!

**If you would like to check which Jamba Juice is closest to you, please check their WEBSITE for detailed instructions to their store.ย You can also be part of the Bell de Jour Lifestyle! Find out how atย


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