Belle de Jour x Goldilocks: Get 10% Off on Happiness!

Goldilocks has always been the go-to place when it comes to birthday cakes. From the plain, yet sought after Mocha Chiffon Cake, to the recently introduced Premium Cakes, the brand made sure that these products would fit the Filipino taste and value.


Last January, we had a small surprise celebration for one of our colleagues. Being the Bella that I am, I volunteered to be in charge of the cake since I know that I have a coupon that would entail a reasonable discount on products from Goldilocks.


We headed to Robinsons Supermarket at Techno Plaza 2 in Eastwood. We knew that there is a Goldilocks kiosk there which housed several delectable-looking pastries! Once we arrived, we were definitely not disappointed. Among those lined in their showcase is a to-die-for Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake waiting to be consumed.


Immediately, we decided this was the right cake for the occasion. Between the chocolate fudge and all that happiness, is caramel sauce highlighting the flavor! It was heaven! We had our greeting signed with icing and marveled at how skilled Kuya was in writing over the cake. Such glamorous penmanship!


Overall, we did save around 55 Php on the cake with the Belle de Jour voucher. What made us happier is that Goldilocks, once again, completed the celebration!!!

**If you would like to check which Goldilocks is closest to you, please check their WEBSITE for detailed instructions to their stores. You can also be part of the Bell de Jour Lifestyle! Find out how at



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