Friendly Mami House: Bat and Ball and So Much More!

It is still best to eat at a local carinderia when you’re out travelling. This is one of my travel philosophies in life. If you would like to get a taste of the local flavor, head to the bayan’s best eatery and see what their culture is all about.


On our way home to Manila from Lopez, Quezon, my partner and I happened to pass by San Pablo, Laguna. Yes, it was a very busy city with a whole bunch of commuters waiting for buses to accommodate them. It was such a hectic sight! Yet despite all the clamor, one signage stood out. It screamed “Friendly Mami House” with a bright red backdrop.

That was our queue. We decided to alight the bus and see what this shack has in store for us. It was a good sign, how we saw people continuously coming in and out of the place. There were people wearing casual clothing, some in work uniform, others have private vans just stopping by to eat, and then there was the 2 of us representing the byahero margin. You would know that the place brings people together!


We shared a table with random people…I refuse to call them strangers since they would smile at you with that kind of look that seem to unite every patron of the place: “You’d love their food as much as we do!”


My partner and I each ordered their Special Mami and 8 oz. of Coca Cola. It was served immediately and we wolfed on it and ordered another serving as soon as we’re done with the first. Their mami was to die for! The soup was thick and boiled slowly well under firewood while the noodles was cooked evenly. What surprised us is the amount of beef tripe (tuwalya) they put in a single order. It was a lot! No wonder why people order rice with their mami. The amount of serving can pass as ulam already!


After we have reached the height of our stomach’s fullness, I happen to glance at their menu on the wall. There was one item there, “Bat and Ball” which caught my attention. I asked about this and according to the staff, it’s their version of Soup Number 5. It is with heavy heart and regret that I just saw it after we ate bowls of mami. It would have been such an experience!


Friendly Mami House is the right place for those looking for good eats that cost less. You get more than your money’s worth here. Your 100 can even go a long way! However, if you’re the kind of person who cannot tolerate huge crowd, messy floors, and the overall carinderia atmosphere, this place is not for you. I could only wish that you learn to love it soon. You’d be missing half of your life!

How to go to Friendly Mami House:

  1. From Manila, ride any bus headed to Lucena. Usually, these bus are from Jac Liner or Jam Liner. Fair would vary between the amount of 150 Php – 300 Php.
  2. Tell the conductor to drop you off at 711 San Pablo, Laguna or just say at Friendly Mamihan. They know the place well!


**Friendly Mami House is located along Maharlika Highway, San Pablo City, Laguna. 




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