Park, Rest, and Dine: Nature’s Canopy

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It was around 2 years ago when I first read about Park, Rest, and Dine at the border of Antipolo and Baras, Rizal. I couldn’t say if it was curiosity or the thought of an all-day unlimited coffee that caught my attention, but I swore to visit the place as soon as possible! Sadly, it took me a couple of years to make it happen. Yes, with all the changes in my professional standing (NUKS!) it was only now I got the chance to see the place myself.


We were on our usual backpacking adventure, me and my partner, to Palo Alto Falls and I thought that the best place to take five would be this ever-longed place. We were so ecstatic when we saw the sign outside, you could just imagine! According to the write-up on one of the blogs I read, Park, Rest, and Dine is an ideal place should you wish to commune with nature. Having breakfast or lunch under the canopy of trees, amid the melodic orchestra of birds and insects, is one paradise for the nature lovers.

Kuya Dodong greeted us as soon as we climbed up the restaurant and although I could sense that he was busy, he made sure we feel right at home. He offered us a good seat and gave us the menu. We also asked politely if we can smoke, considering that the place is environment friendly, he answered yes as long as we throw our cigarette butts on the ash tray (thank you for understanding!!!).


When the food arrived, I was a bit overwhelmed as the servings were huge! I thought that every dish was good for just 1-2 persons and was taken aback on how generous it was. I ordered Bulalo while my partner ordered Lechon Kawali. The Bulalo was exceptional! It was even on a gourmet level with the variations of vegetables in it. It was nothing like your typical Bulalo with cabbage. It has potatoes, carrots, onion leeks, corn, and others which I don’t know the name of, but extremely delightful to the pallet. If you think that this could have been a marketing technique wherein there’s more veggies and less meat, you’re wrong! The beef was anything but quaint. I tell you, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!


The Lechon Kawali is also something to rave about. Here in Manila, Lechon Kawalis are fatty, oily, and super salty. At Park, Rest, and Dine, their Lechon Kawali practices moderation to the dangers of cardiac arrest. We enjoyed it very much since it comes with potatoes which you can wolf on when “umay” comes knocking at your intestines.


Our stomachs were filled with the good food and our senses were pleased. We also adored how Kuya Dodong took care of us whenever ice would run out, he would come along and bring us some and water without being hailed. He even told us stories about the place and how their visitors were allowed to go around the lot and harvest vegetables and fruits. The place was comfortably home!


If it couldn’t get any better, we were greeted by their resident fur babies! Four cute doggies came and said hi and we knew that they were the owners’ beloved by how nice they were. We gave them vegetables and promised to return with vaccines to help out.

As we were about to leave, a woman came by and greeted us. We were pleased to know that she was one of the owners. Her name was Meludy Sayaman and she was very welcoming. She thanked us for dropping by and the small talk escalated to a friendly chatter. We told her how beautiful the place was and she mentioned that they valued the place very much, she and her family. She said that the place started out simple but through time, they were inspired to beautify and enrich the nature surrounding it. Visitors would drop by and they would treat everyone with trust and the hearth of home, and it simply brought success to the business.

Below are the lovely owners of Park, Rest and Dine ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪

Ms. Meludy also mentioned how grateful she was with Kara Santos (she is the blogger we learned Park, Rest, and Dine from! ❤ You can visit her blog HERE ) as she had given the place a chance to be discovered by the travelers and foodies alike. I, for one, was thankful as well!


Park, Rest, and Dine is as glorious as it can get. With the rural feel paired with bohemian interiors and furniture, everything was well thought of! The place was an inspiration and a refreshing idea that not just because you’re nestled in the mountains, you can’t share your craft (arts and cooking) to the world. In fact, celebrities has crawled up their wonderful place. Talk about Sonny Parsons and various famous motorcycle and cycling clubs!

Visit the place and know exactly what we are talking about and I kid you not, you will be raving like us!

How to go to Park, Rest, and Dine:

  1. From Cubao, ride a jeepney or FX to Cogeo and alight at Gate 2 = 35.00 Php (FX)
  2. Once at Cogeo, cross the street and walk to CMA Market and ask where to ride the Sampaloc, Tanay jeep.
  3. Take the said jeepney and asked to be alighted at Park, Rest, and Dine. Fare would vary from 20.00 – 35.00 Php. Don’t worry, it’s not a rip off. It’s just that it’s really far! (^○^)/

**Park, Rest, and Dine is located at 4 Provincial Road, San Jose, Antipolo, Rizal. You can check their FACEBOOK PAGE for inspiration and information ♪♪


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