Puerto Galera: Discovering Inland Galera Part 1

The majority sees Puerto Galera as an island of booze, party, and finding destiny. This was the reason why we challenged ourselves to look at it at a different light. Last Summer, we tried staying at  Galera, but this time away from the renowned White Beach.


Finding a place was difficult at first since the World Wide Web would dictate about 340,000 results in 0.51 seconds rooms located in White Beach and at Sabang Village. We wanted something serene and far from the merriment. It was difficult at first until we chanced upon Bamboo Beach Resort.


Located at Dalaruan, Puerto Galera, the vacation spot was made for those who value tranquility and seek peace in the waters of the island. The place was strategically built far from the hustle and bustle of the city so you get to appreciate the rawness of the island and the real beauty it can offer.

When we arrived at Muelle Port, we were delighted that the owners were waiting for us with the whole family. Turns out, we would have to ride another boat to the resort. It was such a thrill! Everyone said their hellos and we didn’t feel like we were mere guests. The initial experience made us feel like we’re home.


Once we arrived, they served us coffee and juice to our hearts’ content. The owner, Ms. Cherrie, sat with us and shared with us how they were able to establish the resort. She was very warm and accommodating and she made sure that whenever we would need something, all we had to do was ask.

The room was very cozy. If you are looking for air-conditioned, top of the line rooms, this is not for you. Bamboo Beach Resort was made as a getaway from the overly urbanized city. Part of the package is for you to breathe fresh air. However, if you fear mosquito bites, they have that taken care of with the mosquito nets and electric fans in every room.  This does not compromise the comfort, nor the beauty of the place, though.

Come morning we had our quick breakfast and headed out the road to see the rest of Puerto Galera. We went to Tamaraw Falls but were deeply disappointed as it has been swarmed by tourists. The falls was already blocked from public access but you can still bathe in the river on the other end.


We decided to just go to AJ Lomi House which is a ride from the location. I must say that the view there is breathtaking! We sat on the bar facing the beach and the height provided such wonder. It was heavenly! For 50.00 Php, their Lomi is worth every munch. We also tried their Chicken Finger with Mozzarella and were pleased as well.




You can really tell how the place had become a tourist attraction! People from different races and walks of life would come and enjoy what the shack had to offer.



A few bottles of Coca Colas and jump shots at their viewing deck after, we decided to just discover what this side of Puerto Galera had to offer. We rode another jeepney until we saw a group of people heading towards another beach. The beach had rock formations on it so we decided it must be worth the visit.


The name of the place is Aplayang Munti. We payed around 10.00 Php entrance fee to get to roam the area. It was filled with beach goers to the point that it was chaotic so we decided to climb the grotto and go to the other side of the rock instead.

It was a different story altogether. The surrounding was again serene and as we walked farther, the fewer people were hanging about. Here, we met 3 quirky kids (Heart, Julia, and Billy) playing with their Labrador Retriever best friend, Shamcey. We were astonished how well the dog took care of these young kids that we stayed and played with them longer. The kids’ mother were also very nice to us and introduced us to more furkids, Balbon and Shiny. It was a very good and fulfilling encounter.

Just before sunset we bid our farewells to our new found friends. We thanked them graciously for being nice to us. My partner and I soon hailed a jeepney on the main road and headed to the city.

We talked about how people fail to see the simplicity and beauty of the real Puerto Galera. We realized that there is more to the place than a big rave fever. The locals were not greedy as some people find them, taking advantage of tourists. A lot of them are hospitable and trustworthy!


While it is true that Puerto Galera had become a major tourist destination, the responsibility and love of most of the people residing in the island is evident. I would like to take this chance to express how happy I am to have met the Ghosn family of Bamboo Beach Resort, the kids of Aplayang Munti, and few other locals we met.

Our inland adventure did not end here, though. Please read the next part by clicking this LINK. ♪(*●´▽)ノ

**For more information about Bamboo Beach Resort, you can visit their WEBSITE or like their FACEBOOK PAGE.


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