Haunted Mansion: The Laperal White House

The thing about history is that it doesn’t leave us with just stories. The unknown has also been a part of what has existed before. Baguio is one of the famed places in the Philippines when it comes to the dark and the occult. This may have been attributed to the massive magnitude 7.8 Earthquake which happened on July 16, 1990. It was reported that Baguio suffered a severe 2-day isolation from the rest of the country because of the damages.


However, the tale of the Laperal White House and its “inhabitants” may be different. According to public records, the house was built in 1920 under the ownership of one of the most famous clans in Baguio, the Laperal Family. Don Roberto and Dona Victorina Laperal (the head of the clan) had it made entirely of Narra and Yakal–strong and sturdy wood that to this day, some original parts of the house still stands.


During the Japanese Occupation, it was said that the mansion served as a temporary garrison where brutal tortures and murders were held. It was also during these years that Dona Victorina passed on. Don Roberto died in an accident in the house’s front yard where he slipped and hit his head.


There were also accounts of a spirit of a child roaming around the Laperal White House. The neighbors referred to her as the granddaughter of the later owners, who was hit by a car as she was crossing the street outside the premises. Her nanny, devastated with what happened and had blamed herself incessantly, committed suicide right after.


Whatever catastrophe the house may have gone through (plus the earthquake), the mansion remained sturdy and beautiful along Leonard Wood Road. The rich history has attracted visitors from all over the country. Today, the place also serves as a Bamboo Gallery and a Bamboo Eco Park ran and maintained through the collaborative efforts of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation and the Phillippine Bamboo Association.

Budget of a Typical Wanderlust (Public Transpo + Tipid Tips):

Jeepney Fair to Laperal from Burnham Park – 8.00 Php x 2
Laperal White House Entrance Fee – 50.00 Php


Total: 66.00 Php
**The Laperal White House is located at #14 Leonard Wood Road Baguio

Post Script: I used my tablet (HUAWEI MediaPad T2 7.0) to take pictures of the place. While it is not as trusty when it comes to quality outcomes, I can fully say that its storage and durability is superb. However, all the pictures I have taken past the living room were all corrupted. According to the caretaker, I should have asked for permission before taking the photos. Oh well, whether it’s real or not, it was a lesson learned!


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