The Aristocrat Restaurant: Unli-Almusal and a Cup of History

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The Aristocrat Restaurant is one of the many things that define Philippine culture. Since 1928, it has been serving Filipinos from all walks of life the traditional cuisine that we have learned to love and long for.


It all started when Engracia Cruz-Reyes, more popularly known as Aling Asiang, decided that their family of 14 (12 children and the family’s foundation) should not be the only people enjoying her home-cooked meals. She had converted their home to an eatery and thus, history was made. Her ever famous Pancit Luglog, Arroz Caldo, Adobo Sandwich, and Chicken Barbecue  became the exquisite cravings of almost everyone Pinoy.

Also, a fun fact, Aristocrat pioneered the food-cart industry in the country in 1940 when they have converted a Ford to a rolling canteen. This used to make rounds from Luneta to Roxas Boulevard and has served as the forefather of the elegant Aristocrat Malate Branch.


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If you think that something this advanced in years would end up forgotten, then you’re making a mistake. Just recently, Aristocrat Malate has launched their promo “Almusal-All-You-Can”  and we knew instantaneously that, this, we had got to experience!


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The promo runs from October 21, 2016 to December 31, 2016 within the hours of 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM. For 200 Php you get to experience the lavish breakfast menu of Philippine’s finest.




Now, you might ask what sets this buffet apart from all those who have managed to sprung out in the Metro. Honestly speaking, the number of their dishes aren’t as many compared to Something Fishy, Finio, or Bigoli. It’s the quality that actually knocked these buffet joints down. Aristocrat, contrary to the principle of most all-you-can-eat joints,  prioritizes quality over quantity.


The instance Aristocrat’s friendly staff ushered us to the dining hall, we were greeted by an array of hearty ulams. You can only imagine how joyous I was when I saw the Java Rice and their praise-worthy Sinigang! If only words can describe how delectable the thick soup submerging the pork and vegetables is, you would get what this raving is all about.


Tapa and Longganisa are not to be missed, as well. They go very well with their flavorful Garlic Rice! It was a feast to the palette. It was every foodie’s happiness actualized. To make things even better, they served a complimentary roll of Mango Delight! It was just tragic that the moment it was laid on the buffet table, it heralded a hungry pack of fans that we were not able to get a slice…I have to confess, though. My friends and I, out of desperation, took the cake packaging and lived with what was left of the beauty. The icing sufficed!


I had to say, Aristocrat felt like home. The menu is a reminiscent of a Sunday visit to your Lola’s house. Aling Asiang’s legacy lived with every satisfied customer who came out of their restaurant doors. The staff were very accommodating and friendly and were very festive despite the ungodly hour to which their jobs begin. I was even to the point of dancing with one of them to the tune of the jovial music (let me call him “mem” and if ever you get the chance to read this, you were that one happy pill that completed our visit)


My friends and I were beyond satisfaction. Your family and friends will definitely enjoy the experience too!

How to go to The Aristocrat Restaurant, Malate Branch:

  1. From Cubao, you can ride the LRT 2 Station to Recto.
  2. After alighting from the station, walk to the direction of Divisoria until you reach Avenida.
  3. Hail a jeepney with the signage “Mabini/Baclaran/M.H. Del Pilar”
  4. Ask to be dropped near to Rajah Sulayman Park or Malate Church.
  5. Walk to the direction of Baywalk and you are not to miss the restaurant!

Budget of a Typical Wanderlust (Public Transpo + Tipid Tips):

LRT (Araneta Center to Recto): 20.00 Php x 2 = 40.00 Php

Jeepney Fare: 10 Php x 2 = 20.00 Php

Buffet: 200.00 Php

Total: 260.00 Php + Free strolling along Roxas Blvd/Baywalk ヽ(・∀・)ノ

**The Aristocrat Restaurant Malate is located at 423 San Andres Street Malate Manila, Philippines. Contact number is (02) 524-7671 to 80


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