AFGBMTS: Our Chance to Give Back

The only way that you can define true success is with how much you give back. In this day and age of extreme materialism, this is often forgotten.

Sure we can always rationalize our materialism into “giving back” to the entrepreneurs or those who offer services you willingly avail, however, this post is not of that kind. Just last November 18, 2016, we realized that the best way to recognize the platform in which you stand now, is to extend help to those who wish to be where you are someday.


My colleagues and I were invited to be a resource speaker atΒ Assemblywoman Felicita G. Bernardino Memorial Trade SchoolΒ at Lias, Marilao, Bulacan. The seminar-workshop was intended for Senior High students to help them enhance the usage of the English Language and also to give them a background of the call center industry. It was entitled “Senior High Speaks with Style: A Language Enhancement Conference” and we were more than honored to be part of this event.


We were ecstatic to find out that our audience would be comprised of 200+ students, all eager and waiting for what we have to offer their curious minds. Honestly, in all my existence as a trainer, this was the very first time I felt doubtful of what I can do. The difference between adult learning and pedagogical learning is significant and I might not be credible enough for this kind of teaching.

The moment we arrived, we were welcomed warmly by Ms. Juvelle Sevilla. She showed us the place and ensured that we were comfortable. She gave us a quick talk on what is expected of us and what the program is all about. We soon headed to the event venue and we were caught in astonishment. It was really a room full of students!


The program started with the singing of the National Anthem and it was beautiful. I missed how everyone would sing in unison and place their right hand over their chest. The problem with growing up is that these values are forgotten. It was a proud moment.

Ms. Evangelina Cristobal gave the opening remarks and it was very sincere how she wanted the children to have a good future. Education is important, according to her. If by any chance our financial capacity can no longer support this, it would be nice to have a back up but EDUCATION COMES FIRSTΒ as much as possible. She also said that fear of speaking in English should not exist. No one cares if you do not have an American or British accent. English should be learned in its content.


My colleague, Kummie Dela Cruz, also raised a good point when he did his speech. According to him, it is so easy to forget where you came from and this should not be the case. When people graduate from Elementary and High School, they regret to look back to the institution that gave them their foundation. It is always their College Alma Mater that matters. What he said was absolutely true. With this, I had a new-found respect for him and this is because he is one of those people who chose to remember.


Our group started by welcoming and introducing what we had to offer. This is courtesy of Pamela Ramos (a colleague of mine) where she hyped the students and made them look forward to what’s in store. Jessie Pajota (another colleague) gave them a background about the BPO industry to help them have an impression on the way we do our lectures. The traditional teacher would teach in intricacy while us, trainers, might come of as a little too fast and aggressive. We had to ensure that we do not place them in a tight knot.



The discussion and Accent Neutralization practice by Pamela was crazy! We started a friendly competition, thus, Team Happy, Team Cool, and Team Sexy were born. What overwhelmed us is how cooperative, excited, and engaged the students were. For us, this was a big proof of their acceptance. Furthermore, we loved how they responded and confirmed that they have understood and are willing to practice the lessons we taught.


Rougie Rebuta continued with Accent Neutralization and discussed probably one of the most interesting part of the discussion which is Filipinoism. It was fun because the students realized that there are some words that only us, Filipinos, coined out and if we are to use these terms some place else, we will not be understood.


Photo grabbed from: Kim Hagun

20161118_100743-copyThe last part was my share of the program where I helped them how to organize their ideas when answering questions. This topic is useful in school also when the time comes that they will be going on job interviews. I was pretty amazed at how good the kids’ command in English were. They were able to answer the questions with confidence and with perfect sense, not to mention applying what they have just learned!


Come lunch, we were served a hearty meal. We were actually shocked at how good they are in taking care of us. We never expected this, to tell you the truth. We just know that we will be teaching the students and that was it. The teachers took very good care of us. They ensured our food was good. We felt important and cared for and because of that we can never thank you enough. Our hearts and stomachs were full with your warmth!

20161118_12255720161118_122407The day ended with the handing of certificates. We, the speakers, were awarded one each. It was one of those moments wherein you wanted to weep in gaiety but you had to keep your grace. The kids also received their certificates and we had a chance to have a picture of them per section. It was humbling!

Our visit to AFGBMTS was soul-satisfying. We truly felt appreciated forΒ our craft. I feel Β unworthy of the care and respect we received. Kummie, which is an alumni of the institution, gave us an opportunity to immerse ourselves to people we can somehow inspire.

To my colleagues, I am happy with what we have become. This was not just another chance to teach. It was one of those moments that placed us in extreme apprehension that actually transformed us to a success that we were when we stepped back in Kummie’s car. We have left the kids with something and hopefully, they can use that in their future.


To the AFGBMTS faculty, we were loved and we are more than filled with gratitude. We are trainers only at work but you gave us a sense of something more meaningful when you allowed us to touch your students’ lives. The food was absolutely pleasant and we can only wish to have dined with you.


To the Senior High students of AFGBMTS, let’s all strive towards greatness. Whatever path you wish to take in the future, always remember that learning is always its cornerstone. Our school would always be that first step of that flight of stairs going up and achieving your dreams. Be strong, be smart, and always look back.



Photo by: Rougie Rebuta

Love lots,

Janni ^_____^


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