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You have got to admit that cats are majestic. Even if you see an ordinary alley cat, the finesse and grace can be detected on their every conserved and measured gait.Over the years, I have come to appreciate them due to this and it amazes me to no end just watching them curl, snap, groom themselves, and sleep to no end.


It was only recently that we visited Bengal Brew. Although it is around my neighborhood and I would pass by their cafe almost everyday to say hi to the cats by the window, Β it is just lately that I have decided that I really need to give in to the need to cuddle these cats!


Before we went inside, the staff guided us through the waiver and some safety precautions to ensure that no one will get hurt –neither me nor the cats. As we were doing that in the receiving area, I couldn’t help but look around because everything was interesting! From their menu which was delicately etched on the black board, to the pastries that were presented on their display case. I couldn’t help, as well, but admire the fact that there were no stinky smell detected. I am a pet owner, so I would knowΒ ~(=^・・^). How do you guys do it?!


Quick Note: If you are planning to visit Bengal Brew, bring socks! This is for sanitation purposes.Β 

Now, imagine stepping into the Amazon…that was how I felt upon entering the cat area. The interior was just intricate. You can see how good the management maintains the place. Like cats, the place was feral and wild, but stylish and sophisticated.


The cats were being cats and lazing around, enjoying the tropical forest which was brought to their paws by the owner, Don Michael Perez. According to what I have read, the passion for Bengal Cats started when he chanced upon owning Amir. Amir is a lone, long-haired Bengal which was the first of its kind here in the Philippines. I could only imagine him falling in love with the breed! They’re all too stunning!


They were everywhere I looked! Some cats were near my seat, others were on the table, one is on top of the AC, and it was hilariously appealing. I have even accidentally tapped on one sleeping kitty because she had managed to camouflage among the hats neatly placed on the table!



I read somewhere that Bengals love high places. The cafe satisfy this whim of theirs by having a hanging ramp and all-natural tree trunks. There was also an artificial falls and a pond where guests can climb and take a picture. However, I felt like it was more for the cats since 3 or 4 of them were lounging on it. I couldn’t blame them! The area was relaxing!


My partner had to go to the bathroom at one point and I was left playing with the kitties. Soon, I noticed a fat, fluffy cat slowly following his steps. I followed the two of them and stalked what that cat was doing and found out that he was just standing outside the closed door of the comfort room where my partner was in! He just stared! When my partner came out, the cat just looked at him and asked to be petted. Wow. Talk about being selected!



Responsible ownership was also displayed. The obvious proof of it was how the cats were treated like royalty. More than that though, it is such a comfort knowing that all of them has been spayed or neutered. I also read that they were being raw-fed which is highly suggested since they’re carnivores after all.


My visit to Bengal Brew was satisfying. The cats were all cute and engaging. They were very much well-maintained. The food was not to be overlooked too. I ordered an Iced Cafe Bengal and Ham and Cheese roll and it was hearty! The Iced Cafe Bengal has this exotic lingering taste that goes well with ice. It was amazing how it did not lose its flavor considering the time we spent playing with the felines. The Ham and Cheese roll was delightful, too! I am a lover of cheese and this has a lot on it!


To tell you guys honestly, I saw a crazy negative review about Bengal Brew before. I was intimidated to visit the place at first. Trust me when I say Β now that the review is all bullcrap! The staff were all accommodating. They were very patient as we stepped out the first time just to buy socks and when we couldn’t decide what to order. The cats were, well, just being cats. I couldn’t comment about the owner as he wasn’t there when we visited but I guess that was his family that we met. There was a little girl who was entertaining the newly-arrived visitors and there was a woman who was taking care of a little boy, all of whom have taken time to nod and smile at us. The little boy even grabbed my arm for me to notice him. γƒ˜(^_^γƒ˜)(γƒŽ^_^)γƒŽ


Come by and enjoy the love. The cats are to die for!

How to go to Bengal Brew Cat Cafe

  1. Ride the MRT3 and alight at Cubao Station.
  2. From Farmers Plaza, walk your way through Gateway Mall, passing the connecting bridge.
  3. Exit Gateway Mall and walk toward Isetan Plaza. From there, you will see Manhattan Garden and Bengal Brew Cat Cafe.

Budget of a Typical Wanderlust (Public Transpo + Tipid Tips):

MRT3 fare from North Ave to Araneta Center Cubao Station = Β 16.00 Php x 2

Cat Cafe on a weekday w/ free drink for an hour = 199 Php

Total: 231.00 Php + Unlimited love from the Bengals!!!

**Bengal Brew Cat Cafe is located at Ground Floor, Manhattan Parkview, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. Visit their Facebook Page for more information~~


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