Lampara Cafe & Restaurant: Cubao’s Home-cooking Heaven

Tired of your usual fast food and to-go meals?

Nestled in the heart of Cubao, Quezon City is a small, familiar shack that calls out to those who seek culinary goodness. Lampara, though, is not your typical carinderia. It promises you not just savory meals, but a home to consume your order. I have been fan since 2010 and for an eatery to not lose its magic through the years, you might be curious how they do it.


The place prides itself with newly prepared meals. No matter what time of day you drop by, there is something just-cooked to eat. Their serving is generous and they are always ready to answer you should you ask their recommendation.




I would always order sisig and lechon kawali. Their sisig is a play of flavors. It is moist, creamy, and a play between saltiness and zest. Their lechon kawali is not to be outdone. The crisp of the pork rind is just commendable. It is dry and does not swim in oil. What fascinates me is that the meat of the lechon kawali does not lose its elasticity no matter what time of the day it is served. As you bite through it, you will wonder how did they manage to crispy fry the rind but maintain the meat tender.


Lampara is not an enclosed venue. It has a good ventilation and perhaps that’s the reason why dining here is more appetizing. The place is like a reminiscent of those lunches you took in the province. You might get the impression, though, that since it is located in one of the insets of Aurora Boulevard, pollution is terrible. Honestly, no. It’s as tranquil as it can get. Lampara is located at the backdoor of Cubao Expo and since it is a dead end, there is a very minimal crowd and vehicles around.

There is so much to love about the place. Something that I might just actually want to suggest is to further beautify the front of the eatery to attract more customers. Making it more noticeable will definitely lure more passers-by to have a taste of this treasure. Aside from this, I am in love with Lampara: good eats, relaxing ambiance.


How to go to Lampara Cafe & Restaurant

  1. Ride the MRT3 and alight at Cubao Station.
  2. From Farmers Plaza, walk your way through Cubao Yale.
  3. Walk pass Sogo Hotel until you see Angel’s Burger at the end of the street. You will soon see Lampara Cafe and Restaurant just after Mariposa Hotel.

Budget of a Typical HUNGRY Wanderlust (Public Transpo + Tipid Tips):

MRT3 fare from North Ave to Araneta Center Cubao Station =  16.00 Php x 2

A typical meal + Rice = 50 – 70 Php

Total: 66 Php – 86 Php + the unparalleled goodness of home-cooking! 

**Lampara Cafe and Restaurant is located at 28 Stanford st. Cubao, Quezon City



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