Ayala Triangle Garden’s Festival of Lights

We may be a little too late to have joined this hype but it was all worth it!!!

Last December 25, we decided to stay away from the norm and avoid splurging too much with the Holiday Spirit as an excuse. We thought, why not look for simple joys that can absolutely warm the coldest of hearts? This is how we ended up at Ayala Triangle Garden for their Festival of Lights.

We arrived at the location just in time for another show. We witnessed the Christmas Fiesta theme and we’re absolutely overwhelmed by the festivity in the air. Imagine your local Christmas Carols, hyped and paired with the waltzing of lights!

The Ayala Triangle Garden’s Festival of Lights was launched last November 15 and is a collaborative effort of Ayala Land, HSBC, MasterCard, Coca Cola, SunLife, and Oishi. Show begins at 6PM nightly, every 30 minutes, until 10PM. Aside from the Christmas Fiesta theme, you can also view 2 more: the Classic and Epic Christmas and Sweet and Magical Christmas.

Below is a video of what we have witnessed!

It was such a delight witnessing the Ayala Triangle Garden’s Festival of Lights! If you haven’t seen it still, it’s not yet too late! Happy Holidays!

P.S. On our way to the location, we also made sure to view Ayala’s underpass murals. It is similar to those located at Dela Rosa Carpark 1 (you can view the Dela Rosa creationsΒ HERE).



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