Blackbeard’s Seafood Island x Belle de Jour Voucher: Food and Reunions

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While it is true that this is the season of good cheer, it is also the moment of blissful reunions and gatherings. Thanks to Seafood Island, our get-together was a blast!


Before, I blogged about the Training Team (see post HERE) and how we celebrate the love of feasting. From the time I posted that blog entry, a lot has changed. Some transitioned, while Β some stayed. Nevertheless, our love for eating still unites us. I am also grateful to Belle de Jour’s vouchers because of the discounts we can utilize in moments like these.


The deal is to order an Island Sinugba Espesyal boodle good for 5-7 persons and your Belle de Jour Voucher entitles you to a free Grilled Tuna Panga. That we did! The moment it was served, we were so enchanted as it was more than what we expected. Seafood Island ensures that you get your money’s worth. The meal comes with 2 crabs and an overwhelming amount of rice and shellfish. It is a validation that delicious can be healthy!




The team wolfed over the lavish dinner in between reminiscing and the never-ending “how-are-yous”. We were also very gracious because the Seafood Island staff never let us hanging even for a bit. They were there to attend to us despite the hectic and demanding Friday crowd.

It was all pure happiness with every bite we took. The togetherness was Β felt and it was something we cherished. Seafood Island was our catalyst in remembering the good times we shared in the past.


The Belle de Jour voucher discount for Seafood Island was practical. Having an extra grilled tuna panga prolonged the time we spent with each other eating. Believe it or not, with all the ulamΒ we had, we still had leftover rice! A bonus tip should you wish to dine at Seafood Island Eastwood, schedule it on a Friday. There are a lot of promo people wandering about, handing free drinks, food, and the like. A definite budget saver! However, if you are handed alcohol and cigarettes, please make sure you are of legal age.

We, the Training Department, may no longer be together in one company but the bond we share will be everlasting. Good food will always connect us. Discounts, however, will save us from this vice.

Β  *The Perks of a Bella voucher book is free with every purchase of the Belle de Jour Power Planner. The Belle de Jour Power Planner 2017 is now available at


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