Meralco Liwanag Park 2016: May Your Holidays Be Lit

Are you a jet setter? Are you a wanderlust but your budget constraints prevent you from seeing the world? Fret not, because this Holiday season the world is literally being brought within your arms’ reach!


The Meralco Liwanag Park is a dream come true for people who wish to fill their Instagrams with photos–selfies–with the world’s famous landmarks but do not have the moolah. All you need is your mobile phone camera and the right angle, and voila! Welcome to Rome, baby!


Opened last November 29, 2016, the Meralco Liwanag Park promises every Filipino that the Season need not be expensive to be fun. There is even an e-train you can ride with your kids that goes around the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Colosseum! There are festive lights everywhere and the feeling and merriment of December is highlighted with every family you come across with, with a grin pasted on their faces.


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I honestly couldn’t stop myself from embracing the warmth. Like me, I kid you not, you’ll have the time of your life–not to mention, the Meralco Liwanag Park has no entrance fee! There is also a food park on the other end of the vicinity. Your 80 Php can buy you a Lechon Kawali with Rice! Soda is a little bit expensive so I suggest you purchase a Coke Litro or 2 Litters to get your money’s worth…and YES! There is also a Bazaar should you wish to blow your Christmas AguinaldosΒ from your ninongs and ninangs.


Another astounding thing about the Meralco Liwanag Park is their displays made of copper wires. I find this as a good initiative from Meralco since you may be like me, wondering, what happens to their excess wires? I’m just glad that they have turned it into something people can appreciate rather than leave it as trash. I adore how they also pay homage to the Filipino Tradition with the Simbang Gabi and the Belen, the Meralco technicians near the Rizal Monument, the traditional Bahay Kubo with the Lechon–it was beautiful. I honestly felt happy paying this month’s electricity bill!






The Meralco Liwanag Park will be open until January 8, 2016 so you still have time to marvel at this wonder! Park hours are from 6:30PM- 10PM, Monday-Thursday and 6:30PM-12MN, Friday-Sunday.

Happy New Year, everyone!





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