We Want Workshops: First Aid for Furkids

Being a Fur parent is sometimes as hard as being a real mother or father to a child. The financial obligation is there, not to mention the effort and emotion you invest on them. Another thing that you need to ask yourself if you are planning to have a pet is, β€œWhat to do in times of emergency?” It’s a good thing that We Want Workshops came up with a seminar entitled β€œFirst Aid for Furkids” last May 20, 2017 at Ortigas Library.


We Want Workshops or WWW invited Dr. Marc Joseph Domingo, DVM to host the said event. He started discussing essentials such as putting together a first aid kit for your pets. The furparents who attended were very eager and listened intently right from the start.


The interesting part was when Dr. Macky classified the table food pets needed to avoid. Questions were thrown here and there such as the safety of “sawdust” or meat shavings or if the dog ingested something unintentionally, what would be the best thing to do. As a fur parent, myself, I understood every inquiry that was thrown and I appreciated the patience of the veterinarian in front of us, answering each questions intricately.


Rodeo Club Philippines also attended and shared with the attendees the goals of their organization. Not only are they enthusiasts of the sport, they are also a group of veterinarians bound to help and save animals in need. We Want Workshops invited the organization as a sponsor to discuss their cause and also spread awareness that a Veterinarian’s job is not only glitz and glamour but requires a certain dedication.


Right before the event ended, winners for the Best Pet was awarded. Weeks before the event, We Want Workshops held a photo liking contest wherein pet owners can show off their beloved furkids. Xyrus Ivan Mabini Castillote and R Patrick Reyes won and got a free invite to the event plus a blown-up and framed photo of Chichi and Esper.


Dr. Noel Manalo also sent a message via SMS expressing his regret of not being able to come. He is also known as the β€œVet ng Bayan” as featured by I-Witness, a show on GMA News TV. He was also a sponsor but sadly could not make it because of his prior commitment of going around the Bicol region offering free veterinary care to those living below the poverty line but still is compassionate to their four-legged friends.


Lunch also was served right after the event and what could be better than seeing people with common interests share a thing or two with each other!

It was a fun and knowledge-filled Saturday morning from We Want Workshops and as everyone bid their goodbyes to one another, each knew that they are a better pet-parent than they were yesterday!

***For events and workshops information, you can visit We Want Workshop’s Facebook Page!




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