Big Bad Wolf Book Sale: HEAD THERE NOW!

At this day and age, being a bibliophile is glorious! Who ever said that technology killed our one and only love? A true lover of books would see technology as a blessing: aside from the physical publication, you have the PDF files at your easy disposal!


This is my personal sentiment! I love reading ebooks but I still am in love with the smell of pages! This is why when I found out about the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair, I knew I couldn’t miss it for the world!

This is Big Bad Wolf’s first ever book sale in the country. Originally from Malaysia, the purpose of the company has always been to bring the joy of reading to those who can’t afford it…and my god, did they served their mission! All the books available are at 60% to 80% discount!

20180223_011058 copy.jpg

It was heavenly, right at the very first step inside the World Trade Center main hall. Since the event is open 24 hours from the day they launched last February 16, you can come in any time you desire. We arrived there at 1 in the morning hoping there would be less people but sleep is for the weak for people like us! It was swarming with happy nerds from all walks of life, all age and sizes! I couldn’t help but squeal!

The collection is indubitably VAST! Big Bad Wolf also catered to all genres: from Y.A.s (young adult) to cookbooks, they have it! I had a hard time choosing and meeting my budget espcially when my poindexter (I’m female but hey) heart realized that they also sell graphic novels!!!

20180223_012859 copy.jpg

Now this was when everything got serious for me! I saw special edition DC Comics for half the price! I usually gawk at the shelves of Fully Booked hoping that one day all the kind deeds I’ve done in my life would be rewarded by the DC fairy god mother with free, limited edition comics!

20180223_011649 copy.jpg

After I secured the titles I needed to purchase, we went around every corner of the place. We saw interesting book designs, premium editions, boxed sets, and even adult coloring books! If you are into religious and inspirational books, business, and even pets, you will not be disappointed!

20180223_015242 copy


Paying for it was a breeze too! There were more than 20 check out counters operating to cater excited shoppers! Everything was in order that it was beautiful!

Here are some tips for you to maximize the discounts being offered by Big Bad Wolf: (1) Go for the hardbounds! Paperback novels sell for the minimum prize of 180 php to 190 php which is not that big of a dicount. However, should you go for the big guns, you get to enjoy a hefty price cut! From the original price of 1,500 php to 2500 php, I bought the graphic novels for no more than 900 each! I am not even kidding!

IMG_20180223_050934_631 copy.jpg

(2) Another tip, you really have to check every stall. Stop being a royalty, asking for assistance–NO! I’ve seen celebrities getting down and dirty just to find that title they adore!

(3) Last but not the least, bring your eco bags and save the planet!

Tomorrow, February 25, 2018 at 11:59 P.M., Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will close their doors to the public and end the, hopefully, annual celebration. You still have more than 24-hours left so if I were you, HEAD THERE NOW!

20180223_015106 copy.jpg

*Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is being held at World Trade Center, Gil Puyat Avenue Extension corner Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City, Metro Manila. The direction is below:



Kaffeeklatsch: Let’s Talk Over Koffee

All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are not really ideal days to go and search for an adventure. As Filipinos, we find ourselves paying our respects to our faithful departed. We, however, were in Baguio in a quest for good coffee!

20171031_210903 copy.jpg

My aunt and I discovered a humble treasure cove in the form of Kaffeeklatsch. It’s really by pleasant accident that we stumbled upon the place. Our initial plan was to go to Session Road and look for the more popular and easy to find places. Thank goodness the altitude got the best of us, having to ascend 800 meters on the streets of Middle Quarry. Had we taken the cab, chances were we might’ve overlooked this hole in the wall!

20171031_212316 copy.jpg

First thing I noticed was their live band! During the time we visited, they were celebrating Halloween! The staff were all in costume and the place was fully decorated with cobwebs, skeletons…you name it! The cafe emanates this relaxed, modern vibe as their dim yellow lights complement the acoustic set and the chill of November. There is also something with half-muted lights that makes you want to share your thoughts. Kaffeeklatsch invited guests to do so.

20171031_210740 copy.jpg

20171031_210821 copy.jpg

Their coffee selection was extensive too! I had a very hard time deciding between their Flavored Koffees and Drip Brew. Not to mention their Chilled Klassiks (ice blended) choices were impressive as well! I ended up ordering their Iced Kaffee Latte and I did not regret it!

I also love the fact that they have an al fresco area. Should you wish to indulge in that Baguio weather, you can choose to sit outside and enjoy your coffee amidst the crisp mountain air. YEP, THIS IS HEAVEN FOR THE SMOKERS! There. I said it. LOL.

Now if you are wondering what this peculiar word means: talking or gossip at an informal gathering where coffee is served. The place really lived up to its name! You can see from the crowd the place attracts a variation of personalities wanting to gab. In every corner of the place, people talk and probably share a fraction of their time with each other. That we did as well.

20171031_210740 copy.jpg

It’s such a shame though that we didn’t know the place was holding a Halloween Party or else, we would have participated! Baguio is a place that you really cannot get enough of. My relatives are from Baguio and no matter how often I visit, there is always something new to discover — for instance, Kaffeeklatsch!

**Here’s how you get to Kaffeeklatsch! You can also check their FB PAGE HERE!


Mamih Cafe: Brunei’s Chill-Out Spot

Night life in Brunei is all about relaxation, lounging, and eating good food. Drinking in bars, loud music, and the like is almost non-existent here. I would have to say that the beauty of Brunei  revolves around its culture and heritage sites, nothing much on the party scene. This is why we fell in love!

20170624_172200 copy

Brunei is such a relaxed place!

We, my partner and I, are owls. We love the night time. We love having coffee late at night and finish in the wee hours of the morning. When we arrived in Brunei, it was a shift from our practice. A pleasant shift. 7 in the evening the first night we were there, we headed to a local restaurant called Mamih Cafe or Kafe Mamih. It is located in Warisan Mata-Mata Complex in Jln. Mata Mata, just right next to where we stayed!

20170624_172738 copy

The place is comfortable. It uses dim lights to emphasize the comfort that you deserve to get while dining. The spacing between chairs and tables are perfect. You get to move around and it does not have a crowded feel. The color scheme flirts too well with the lights, with its dash of yellow and blue, and sometimes pink and brown. Each table also has a yellow light over it which all the more draws you to your food.

20170624_210940 copy

The first thing we noticed when we were handed the menu is that the restaurant serves a lot of Filipino food! They have Kare-Kare and Halo-Halo! They also have Filipino staff who are fluent in speaking Malay but can easily shift to speaking Tagalog and English!

20170624_211019 copy

We ordered Bah Kuh Teh and Nasi Ayam for our dinner. According to our host, these are house specialties, and of course, we couldn’t miss it! Bah Kuh Teh is like our very own Gotong Batangas. It is boiled pork rib soup seasoned in exquisite spices such as star anise, garlic, and cinnamon, to name some. They include different ingredients on the soup such as pork innards, enoki mushroom, etc. and it absolutely works! The first time I tasted it here at Mamih Cafe, I knew it’s going to be an addiction.

20170624_211305 copy

Bah Kuh Teh is love, I swear!

Nasi Ayam is most commonly known as Hainanese Chicken Rice. This dish is served with 3 different sauces, ranging from the savory, to the sweet, and chili. Although this dish is nothing new to our taste, Mamih Cafe’s Nasi Ayam has this certain tinge of authenticity which really adds to the food’s appeal.

20170624_211546 copy

Their Nasi Ayam comes with authentic sauces. Oh my heart!

We ordered drinks as well. We would not miss trying Kopi C Iced and Kopi O Iced. As huge coffee fans, we knew that this local coffee is worth tasting. Kopi C is coffee with evaporated milk, while Kopi O is black coffee. These versions of coffee is similarly available in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

20170624_211226 copy

Teh Tarik, Kopi C, and Kopi O!

We wanted to order sate or grilled chicken but there were a lot of sate on queue to be cooked and we just couldn’t wait any longer. We understand, though. Since a lot of people are having dinner right after fasting, definitely the demand would be high. Plus, grilled food is no good when served cold. They serve it by batch, sadly.

After having our dinner, we were assisted by our homestay host to the counter. According to her, that is how people pay for food in Brunei. People do not hail for servers to give them the check. They walk to the counter and let the cashier know what they have ordered. Pretty honest, if you would ask me. So we paid for the dinner and it was a pleasant surprise knowing that our bill did not go over Php 500!

20170624_210940 copy

Our experience in Mamih Cafe is our initiation to Brunei food. It is the start of my love affair with Bah Kuh Teh! Overall, the restaurant serves delicious dishes. It has a calm atmosphere which goes hand-in-hand with the peaceful evenings of Brunei. After a very long day travelling, being in Mamih Cafe is a luxury.






6 Places You Can Still Go to Celebrate Christmas Late

It’s a week after the Holiday Season and I’m pretty sure life has returned to normal for the majority of us. School has already started and offices are again on “business as usual”.

However, there are still some who wishes to extend the Holiday Cheer by whatever means possible– not removing their Christmas decors at home yet, still has “All I Want For Christmas is You” on loop, and craving for the sights and sounds of nostalgic Yuletide.

Fret not! I have here 6 places that you can still go to here in the Philippines to prolong the warmth and festivity:

1. Star City Snow World – Pasay City

In a tropical country such as ours, snow is a wondrous delight! It’s a good thing that Star City houses a Snow World, complete with slides made of ice, ice sculptures, and heavy duty sweaters. Believe it or not, you can access this for 150.oo Php only for unlimited same day entrance!

2.  Ayala Triangle’s Festival of Lights – Ayala, Makati City

Watch as Ayala Garden illuminate the night sky in a display of jovial, dancing lights to the arrangement of acclaimed artists and musicians of the country. The show runs every 30 minutes from 6PM to 10PM until January 8, 2017. The best thing about this is that it’s absolutely free!

3. Baguio Country Club’s Christmas Village  – Baguio City

One thing that overwhelmed me about this place is that it literally snowed from the sky! If you would like to have that photo catching a “snowflake” without leaving the country, then this place is where you should be. Together with the snow, a musical variety show also happens every 3o minutes. The Baguio Country Club’s Christmas Village is open until January 8, 2017.


4. Meralco Liwanag Park – Ortigas City

Meralco makes wandering around the world in a night possible with their impressive display of lights and sights at their very own backyard. The Meralco Liwanag Park has replicas of the world’s famous landmarks all lit up, waiting for you to take that glorious Instagram-worthy photo! If you have not yet seen it, you have until January 8, 2017 to visit.

5. Casa Santa – Antipolo

Jolly old Saint Nicolas has been the icon of Christmas for a very long time. A household in Antipolo has taken this liking to a whole new level and turned their humble abode into a museum filled with Santa Claus collectibles. Casa Santa has grabbed the attention of the Philippines when it was featured on numerous shows on television. They are open every Saturdays and Sundays until January 29, 2017.

6. Marikina Grand Carnival – Marikina

The holiday season can also be associated to carnival rides, cotton candy, and booth games. This is what the Marikina Grand Carnival is all about: bringing you back the Perya feels. You can can still ride their Ferris Wheel and Caterpillars until January 15, 2017! Hurry!


At this point in time, you now know that you can still have that yuletide joy until almost the end of January! Cheers to you and I sure hope you have that spectacular moment of the season!


Meralco Liwanag Park 2016: May Your Holidays Be Lit

Are you a jet setter? Are you a wanderlust but your budget constraints prevent you from seeing the world? Fret not, because this Holiday season the world is literally being brought within your arms’ reach!


The Meralco Liwanag Park is a dream come true for people who wish to fill their Instagrams with photos–selfies–with the world’s famous landmarks but do not have the moolah. All you need is your mobile phone camera and the right angle, and voila! Welcome to Rome, baby!


Opened last November 29, 2016, the Meralco Liwanag Park promises every Filipino that the Season need not be expensive to be fun. There is even an e-train you can ride with your kids that goes around the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Colosseum! There are festive lights everywhere and the feeling and merriment of December is highlighted with every family you come across with, with a grin pasted on their faces.


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I honestly couldn’t stop myself from embracing the warmth. Like me, I kid you not, you’ll have the time of your life–not to mention, the Meralco Liwanag Park has no entrance fee! There is also a food park on the other end of the vicinity. Your 80 Php can buy you a Lechon Kawali with Rice! Soda is a little bit expensive so I suggest you purchase a Coke Litro or 2 Litters to get your money’s worth…and YES! There is also a Bazaar should you wish to blow your Christmas Aguinaldos from your ninongs and ninangs.


Another astounding thing about the Meralco Liwanag Park is their displays made of copper wires. I find this as a good initiative from Meralco since you may be like me, wondering, what happens to their excess wires? I’m just glad that they have turned it into something people can appreciate rather than leave it as trash. I adore how they also pay homage to the Filipino Tradition with the Simbang Gabi and the Belen, the Meralco technicians near the Rizal Monument, the traditional Bahay Kubo with the Lechon–it was beautiful. I honestly felt happy paying this month’s electricity bill!






The Meralco Liwanag Park will be open until January 8, 2016 so you still have time to marvel at this wonder! Park hours are from 6:30PM- 10PM, Monday-Thursday and 6:30PM-12MN, Friday-Sunday.

Happy New Year, everyone!




Ayala Triangle Garden’s Festival of Lights

We may be a little too late to have joined this hype but it was all worth it!!!

Last December 25, we decided to stay away from the norm and avoid splurging too much with the Holiday Spirit as an excuse. We thought, why not look for simple joys that can absolutely warm the coldest of hearts? This is how we ended up at Ayala Triangle Garden for their Festival of Lights.

We arrived at the location just in time for another show. We witnessed the Christmas Fiesta theme and we’re absolutely overwhelmed by the festivity in the air. Imagine your local Christmas Carols, hyped and paired with the waltzing of lights!

The Ayala Triangle Garden’s Festival of Lights was launched last November 15 and is a collaborative effort of Ayala Land, HSBC, MasterCard, Coca Cola, SunLife, and Oishi. Show begins at 6PM nightly, every 30 minutes, until 10PM. Aside from the Christmas Fiesta theme, you can also view 2 more: the Classic and Epic Christmas and Sweet and Magical Christmas.

Below is a video of what we have witnessed!

It was such a delight witnessing the Ayala Triangle Garden’s Festival of Lights! If you haven’t seen it still, it’s not yet too late! Happy Holidays!

P.S. On our way to the location, we also made sure to view Ayala’s underpass murals. It is similar to those located at Dela Rosa Carpark 1 (you can view the Dela Rosa creations HERE).


Tipsy Juan Mobile Bar at Waves Food Spot

As soon as we found out that Waves Food Spot at Anonas, Quezon City opened, we dropped by to see what this food park is all about. We weren’t disappointed! Aside from the good food, we discovered that Tipsy Juan Mobile Bar has a stall here!

If you do not have an event coming up and just plainly looking for that good drink with friends, you can celebrate life here at Waves Food Spot.

Here’s my first ever VLOG, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you love it!

If you have a party coming up, you can always book them and party like no other. You can check their Facebook Page or contact them at 0915 720 4790.