Belle de Jour Power Planner 2017: Ride the Waves [Unboxing]

The Belle de Jour Power Planner 2017 is a must-have for every woman, young and old, who wishes to not just keep their schedules organized but also have a daily dose of inspiration. This is something that sets the brand aside compared to the other planners in the market. Face it, it is sometimes tough being a “she”. This organizer will let you know that you are not alone in your battle.

Can a planner really do that? Definitely! The Belle de Jour Power Planner 2017 lives by the tagline “Rise Above the Waves”. This is our battle cry that all obstacles are, nonetheless, conquerable. Nothing is impossible! Below is my unboxing video and short review of the product:


I certainly hope that my review was helpful and as promised, here are the vouchers included on the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2017. Feel free to click them and get a better view 🙂


Are you purchasing the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2017? Share with us your reason or if you have already bought it, let us know what you think on the comments section below!




Belle de Jour x Goldilocks: Get 10% Off on Happiness!

Goldilocks has always been the go-to place when it comes to birthday cakes. From the plain, yet sought after Mocha Chiffon Cake, to the recently introduced Premium Cakes, the brand made sure that these products would fit the Filipino taste and value.


Last January, we had a small surprise celebration for one of our colleagues. Being the Bella that I am, I volunteered to be in charge of the cake since I know that I have a coupon that would entail a reasonable discount on products from Goldilocks.


We headed to Robinsons Supermarket at Techno Plaza 2 in Eastwood. We knew that there is a Goldilocks kiosk there which housed several delectable-looking pastries! Once we arrived, we were definitely not disappointed. Among those lined in their showcase is a to-die-for Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake waiting to be consumed.


Immediately, we decided this was the right cake for the occasion. Between the chocolate fudge and all that happiness, is caramel sauce highlighting the flavor! It was heaven! We had our greeting signed with icing and marveled at how skilled Kuya was in writing over the cake. Such glamorous penmanship!


Overall, we did save around 55 Php on the cake with the Belle de Jour voucher. What made us happier is that Goldilocks, once again, completed the celebration!!!

**If you would like to check which Goldilocks is closest to you, please check their WEBSITE for detailed instructions to their stores. You can also be part of the Bell de Jour Lifestyle! Find out how at


Perks of a Bella: Juicin’ Up with Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

At one point in your life, you would realize that you need to prioritize your health. This happened to me at the strike of 2016.


Face it, we’re not getting any younger and those chic, healthy living campaigns suddenly make sense. I’ve tried detox water, herbal supplements, and yes, juicing.


Juicing is the practice of turning your favorite fruits and vegetables to a juice recipe making the phytonutrients (plant compounds that promote the improvement of health) and enzymes easy for the body to absorb. This has become a trend for the health conscious.

As I was working my way through the success of my New Year’s Resolution, I realized that I can now utilize the Belle de Jour voucher for Jamba Juice. Boy, I was excited! What used to be just an establishment I nonchalantly pass on my way to work, is now the object of my curiosity!

We went to the Jamba Juice Tomas Morato branch and ordered Mango-A-Go-Go®Smoothie. It was absolutely delicious and you can taste the freshness in just a sip! What’s crazier is that from 16oz, we had it upsized to 22oz for free!


The place was also spacious and very comfortable. My partner and I had a good time lounging about, and as usual, talking about random stuff. When we got tired sitting inside, we asked the staff if we can sit at the Krispy Kreme al fresco area which seemed like they share. Without hesitation, they said yes!

It was a good experience and having Jamba Juice to boost your health is the best way to go!

**If you would like to check which Jamba Juice is closest to you, please check their WEBSITE for detailed instructions to their store. You can also be part of the Bell de Jour Lifestyle! Find out how at

Perks of a Bella: Serenity Snacks Against Stress

Serenitea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

First off, I’d like you to meet the OGI Training Team:

We are dedicated to mentor you, not only on the job that you are about to assume, but also with your work ethics. It is a normal job that entails great responsibility. Now, why am I giving you all these introduction when I am only giving a quick review on Serenitea’s Snacks?

That’s because our appetite is connected with how well we fulfill our job description. Call it stress-eating or phantom hunger, either way, we simply adore food!

One of our classes this month required so much energy. I was helping my colleagues get accustomed to new modules and how to execute them. As expected, we eventually decided that food can make all things better.

During our lunch break, we all headed to Serenitea Eastwood in hopes that we can find something to scratch the hungry itch. Since I have my Belle de Jour Power Planner, I knew that Serenitea offer snacks that are both easy to eat but intricately scrumptious.


I ordered Pepper  Tofu since I heard that it’s actually one of the snacks the brand is most proud of. Honestly, it should really be! No matter how simple tofu can be, Serenitea found a way to spice things up and infuse it with herbs and other condiments that it became a reminiscent of Taipei Street Food! A bite meant a party to the senses! I am not even exaggerating!


My friends ordered food from other stalls and we all shared snacks and I kid you not, they loved the Pepper Tofu as much as I do! It’s also a good thing that the BDJ Voucher gave us 5% off the total price of the snack. 🙂

If you have not yet used your voucher, I suggest that you head to the nearest Serenitea branch as soon as possible. Don’t miss the chance and find a good reason to drop by!

**Serenitea Eastwood is located at Cyberzone Plaza, Eastwood, E. Rodriguez Junior Avenue, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City. You can also be part of the Bell de Jour Lifestyle! Find out how at and get exciting discounts on awesome restaurants and brands!

Perks of a Bella: The Jergens Treat for Bellas

Like Olay (which I have written and plugged shamelessly on a past post ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ), Jergens is also a brand that is so familiar in the household. I remember receiving huge tubs of Jergens from my relatives abroad whenever there’s a balikbayan box for Christmas. This made us loyal patrons of the brand up until this day.

When I first opened my Belle de Jour voucher book, I found out that there’s a discount especially for Jergens. I was itching to use it and tried accessing the website as early as January 1, only to find out that it will only be available by February!


…And I was also intrigued with the subtext that says aside from receiving a 30% discount off the suggested retail price, you also get a pouch if you are among the first 100 buyers!

Would I let the moment pass me by? Of course not! I recalled logging in the website, browsing through an assortment of Jergens products, and buying the Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer.

According to the Jergens website, their products are the best that it had ever been before because of their new blend: the Hydralucence technology. It promises to improve your skin tone and enhance the texture and luminosity of the skin. It also promises to reflect light so the skin would have that radiant glow. Amazing, isn’t it?

The good thing does not simply stop there. What I love most about this product is that Jergens claims to “create a continuous layer of moisture on the skin to prevent hydration loss”. In other words, it simply locks in and protects so the skin is free from abuse and dryness.

When the package arrived, I was more than excited to see what the pouch looks like. To my delight, it’s beige  and leatherette –elegant yet functional, and is big enough to replace my retiring makeup kit! Happiness!!! (*⌒∇⌒*)

Overall, I actually got more than what I paid for! I checked the price of the 200 ml bottle Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer on, and it costs absolutely the same. However, with the vanity pouch plus the 30% discount, I am indeed getting more! It’s almost free shipping with goodies! Thanks BDJ!

BDJxJergens Bill

**You can avail the Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer at You can also be part of the Bell de Jour Lifestyle! Find out how at











Perks of a Bella: TGI Fridays Free Brownie Obsession!

Hands down, TGI Fridays is one of the best restaurants in town. Their steak is to die for and their burgers are just so mouthwatering! What I have been craving to try, though, is their Smokehouse Platter…just seeing their Facebook ad makes me want to rush to the nearest TGI Fridays and scream, “Shut up and take my money!”


My partner and I were on one of our random dates when we decided to try this for dinner. I personally wanted to commend the staff of TGI Fridays at SM Mall of Asia for being very accommodating despite the Saturday Dinner crowd. It was one chaotic night with bands playing on one bar and another, having this gastric paradise caught in between.

Immediately, I knew what to order and as soon as it was served, we started working our way from the Grilled Sausage and Mustard, to the rice, down to the Smoked Fried Chicken. It was Nirvana! It was bliss!


The Jambalaya sauce was a carnival of flavor, which perfectly complimented the chicken. It was not even over with these dishes, there was even a serving of Golden Chipotle Cheeseballs and rice pilaf as sides!

What we ordered may come off as a little bit pricey for some, but for those of you who are having doubts, let me assure you that the Smokehouse Platter is actually a good bargain. For the price of 1,150 Php, you get your money’s worth. The serving is generous and hearty plus if you’re a Bella like me, with this price you also get a free Brownie Obsession for dessert!



The Brownie Obsession is made up of 2 huge chunks of brownies, topped with Vanilla ice cream, pecans, and caramel sauce. It was to die for! I must admit that we had a hard time devouring it. The actual price is 350 Php and you get it absolutely free because of the Perks of a Bella TGI Friday’s voucher that says it is a plus for every 1,000 Php minimum purchase. It was a very good deal!


It’s nice having these luxury every once in a while, especially if you are spending this with your significant other. It’s true what they say that love is not just growing old together, it’s also getting fat together. 🙂


**TGI Fridays at SM Mall of Asia is open from 10 AM to 12 midnight and is located at the Ground Floor, Entertainment Mall,Mall of Asia Complex. Also, to learn more about the Belle de Jour Power Planner, click HERE to visit their website 🙂


Perks of a Bella: CBTL Ice Blended 2 + 1 Coupon

Hooray for coffee and late night caffeine runs– without it, life would be pretty much dull and customary! That’s the main reason why I love the Belle de Jour Perks of a Bella Vouchers, particularly those intended for The Coffeebean and Tea Leaf purchases.


My first voucher-use for the year was the “Buy any 2 Ice Blended drinks of any flavor and GET 1 FREE REGULAR ICE BLENDED DRINK”. We availed it at CBTL Gateway Mall to satisfy our nocturnal coffee craving. My partner and I are also fond of portable movie nights where we bring our smart phone + speakers and watch downloaded movies while hanging out away from the comforts of our living room.

The movie was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation…and our coffee of choice was Ice Blended Coffee Hazelnut and Ice Blended Coffee Caramel. Since we get to order another one, free of charge, we asked for the Ice Blended Coffee White Chocolate Dream. It was such a treat!

Buy 2 Get 1 Ice Blended CBTL 122016

Below is the breakdown of our expenses:

Ice Blended Coffee Hazelnut Large – 195.00 Php
Ice Blended Coffee Caramel Large – 195.00 Php
Ice Blended Coffee White Caramel Dream Regular – Free

We saved 175.00 Php on that free drink 🙂 We actually used the money saved to purchase a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake!

What could be better than a Saturday night spent watching a movie, over coffee and cake? Nothing! I know!

**CBTL Gateway Mall is open from 7 AM to 2 AM Mondays through Sundays. To learn more about the Belle de Jour Power Planner, click HERE to visit their website 🙂